Erica Ngao

Erica Ngao

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Vertical Carrot Cake

"This vertical spin on a cherished classic is packed with spices and sure to impress. The brown butter cream cheese frosting truly takes the vertical cake over the top!" —Mark Neufang, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Carrot Cupcakes

"To try to get my family to eat more vegetables, I often 'hide' nutritional foods inside sweet treats. The carrots add wonderful moistness to these cupcakes, which have a rich cream cheese frosting. Now we can have our cake and eat our vegetables, too!" —Doreen Kelly, Rosyln, Pennsylvania

How I Finally Made My Mom Laugh

In 1990, during a performance of my stage play The Bootlegger Blues at my reserve, Curve Lake First Nation in Ontario, I became fixated on one particular member of the audience. The play is a comedy about an older woman bootlegging beer to raise money for the church. While everybody else laughed, there she sat, staring at the floor, with her fingers in her ears. I’ll never forget her look of complete discomfort. That woman was my mother.