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5 Car-Warming Accessories for Winter

Winter driving is tough enough without having to deal with the chills. Here’s how to warm up your car interior with the help of some super-cool automotive accessories.

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5 Accessories to Warm Up Your Car this Winter

White-out conditions… Slick, icy roads… A scant few hours of daylight… There’s really no end to the challenges presented by winter driving in Canada, and seeing your breath as you’re waiting for the windows to defrost each morning certainly doesn’t help the situation. If you’re still shivering by the time you pull in to work, consider adding these temperature-raising car accessories to your vehicle today.

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1. Remote Car Starter

Wouldn’t it be great to jump into a car that’s as toasty warm as the house you just left? With a remote car starter (many of which can now be controlled from your smartphone) you can do just that, firing up your car from the comfort of the indoors within a few minutes of your planned departure. (You’ll still have to sweep the snow off of your roof, but at least you’ll have a cozy interior by the time the job’s done.) 

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2. Heated Car Steering Wheel Covers

A nice pair of leather driving gloves can set you back $100, but for roughly the same price, you can take the chill out of the steering wheel entirely. You can find heated car steering wheel covers in a wide variety of colours and sizes, so finding one to fit your vehicle’s interior should not be difficult. Once you slip it on, you’ll wonder why you ever drove without it.

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3. Car Windshield Ice Melter

A frozen windshield can bring your drive to a sudden halt. After all, you can’t drive if you can’t see. Investing in a can of windshield ice melter is a great way to clear a path and make driving safer.  

Windshield ice melter uses a special fluid to remove the ice from your windshield quickly and safely. (No more fumbling with an ice scraper or pulling a credit card out of your wallet the next time you’re late for work.)

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4. Heated Car Seat Covers

If your car or truck has leather or vinyl seats, you know how excruciatingly cold they can get in the winter. Instead of bracing yourself before you sit down, warm things up with a set of heated seat covers for your vehicle. Not only are they a cost-effective alternative to expensive built-in heated seats, but they’re also readily available at a variety of automotive stores and online retailers.

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5. Hand Warmers

Driving with gloves can keep your hands warm, but that extra layer of fabric can interfere with your ability to grip the steering wheel. For a quick and inexpensive fix, consider keeping a set of hand warmers in the car. All you need to do is open the package and hold the warmers in your hands for a minute or two. The intense heat will chase the chill away and keep your paws warm and toasty for the rest of the commute. 

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