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6 Great Online Sources for Classic Car Parts

One of the great challenges of owning a classic car is sourcing replacement car parts at a decent price. To help you in your hunt, we’re highlighting six of the best online sources for classic car parts.

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Searching for Classic Car Parts?

If you drive a contemporary car, finding replacement auto parts is as easy as driving to the nearest auto parts store and telling the clerk behind the counter what you need. If you want to save money, it’s still fairly easy to source a used part at a used car parts dealer or auto wrecker.

If your ride is vintage, however, finding classic car parts can be a challenge. Classic car owners often find that the parts they need are prohibitively expensive, or (even worse) simply not available. These owners need to be resourceful and creative, and the hunt for replacement parts they need to keep their old cars running like new often takes them online. Here are 6 of the best online sources for classic car parts.

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Classic car parts - Chevrolet Bel AirPhoto: Leena Robinson/Shutterstock

The Chevrolet Website

If your classic car is a Chevrolet, you may be able to get what you need right from the Chevrolet (U.S.) website. You may need to do a bit of digging on the site to find the part you need, but the section of the website devoted to licensed restoration parts is surprisingly comprehensive. If you need parts for your classic Chevy, you can search the website or simply click this link.

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Classic car parts - vintage BMW interiorPhoto: Marius Sutkus/Shutterstock

Classic Car Database

As the name implies, the Classic Car Database is one of the most wide-ranging and useful sites for lovers of antique, vintage and classic cars. No matter what kind of vehicle you own, chances are you’ll find something useful on this site. The Classic Cars Database serves as a directory of vendors, services and parts, all aimed at the classic car enthusiast.

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Classic car parts - row of classic carsPhoto: Shutterstock

Kanter Auto Products

The Kanter Auto Products website is one of the most widely-known and respected names in the classic car community. Kanter stocks a wide variety of classic car parts, so chances are good that what you can’t source offline, you’ll find here. Just go to and use their convenient search function to find the parts you need for your classic car.

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Classic car parts - classic car showPhoto: Shutterstock

While does not specialize in classic cars per se, the site does offer a number of cool car accessories and replacement parts for older vehicles. Whether you need a new spare tire or a new cup holder, you can probably find it on the website. A side bonus is that probably has the parts you need for your newer car as well, so you can get all your shopping done at one place. Just go to to get started.

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Classic car parts - classic FordPhoto: Overcrew/Shutterstock

Fossil Cars

Your classic car may not be a fossil, but the Fossil Cars website is a great place to get parts and accessories for it. This site has a large inventory of parts for classic cars and muscle cars of all makes and models, and it is a fantastic place to start your search.

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Classic car parts - 1979 Chevy CamaroPhoto: Lissandra Melo/Shutterstock

MACs Antique Auto Parts

Many classic car aficionados swear by MACs Antique Auto Parts. No matter what kind of classic car you drive, chances are you can find the part you need on the MACs Antique Auto Parts website.

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