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5 Clever Car Organizing Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Is the interior of your car basically a junk drawer on wheels? Here are five quick and easy car organizing tips that can bring order to even the most chaotic ride.

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Group Your Goods

Grouping items in your car doesn’t necessarily mean going out and buying purpose-built car totes. For efficient unloading (and a tidy vehicle), keep a laundry basket in your trunk. Fill it with reusable shopping bags so that you’ve always got plenty of storage to contain the clutter your hauling.

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Minimize the Mess

If you love your coffee and donuts in the morning, you’ll no doubt have noticed that crumbs seem to have an affinity for sticky spaces. To avoid grit buildup in your cup holders, use silicone muffin liners. When they get grimy, pop them out to wash. This simple little trick goes a long way to ensuring you have a clean vehicle.

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Keep Your Hands Clean

Hand sanitizers can be found everywhere these days—homes, offices, malls… But what about your car? Simply place a bottle of sanitizer in the side compartment of the driver’s door. This facilitates quick clean-ups after pumping gas or pushing a grocery cart.

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File Your Bills

If you own a vehicle, chances are you spend enough time in it to view it as your “second home.” And with that comes unnecessary clutter. But there is a solution! Keep an envelope labelled “receipts” in the main console and use it to stash parking permits and drive thru receipts. Every week, take a moment to decide which ones are important to keep.

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Contain the Trash

Prevent debris from finding its way into every corner and compartment by repurposing a plastic container or empty tissue box to hold all garbage. Empty weekly, or daily if you’re an especially messy person.

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