How to Repair and Maintain Weather Stripping on Car Doors

Use these simple tips to repair torn weather stripping on car doors quickly and easily. Plus, learn about a simple application treatment to prevent further damage in the winter months.

How to Repair and Maintain Weather Stripping on Car DoorsPhoto:

During the winter, water can freeze around the door’s weather stripping, locking you out of your car. If you use force to pull the door and break the ice, the weather striping can tear right off the door.

Here’s how to fix the damaged weather stripping and prevent it from tearing again:

  • – Buy a tube of weather-stripping adhesive, a can of nonflammable spray brake cleaner and a can of spray silicone (all are available at any auto parts store). Then pull the weather stripping away from the door and clean it and the metal surface with the brake cleaner. 
  • – Let that dry completely, then squeeze a bead of the adhesive onto the weather stripping and the door. Let that dry. 
  • – Next, apply a second coat to both surfaces and press the weather strip into place. Clean up any adhesive messes with the brake cleaner.
  • – Hold it in place with masking tape until the adhesive dries (about 45 minutes). Then pull the tape free and spray silicone on the weather strip on the other doors and trunk lid. That will prevent ice from sticking to them. 

It’s good preventive maintenance to treat all the weather stripping before winter every year.

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