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Philippe Létourneau’s 5 Safe Summer Driving Tips

As a former professional race car driver and now the Chief Driving Instructor for BMW and judge on the TV show Canada’s Worst Driver, Philippe Létourneau knows a thing or two about driving. Read on to find out more about his five tips for safe driving this summer.

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Summer Driving Tips: Look at Your Vehicle

Before you enter your car, look at your machine. You are driving something on public roads that weighs a lot, so it is important to make sure your equipment is ready for the task. As you walk up to the car, glance at the tires. Even brand new tires can lose up to one pound of air a month. If you have a tire that’s under-inflated, it will affect the handling of vehicle.

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Summer Driving Tips: Be Safe

Put your seat belt on correctly and adjust your seating position. Philippe stresses the importance of having the lower seat belt strap go over your hips, not your stomach, to ensure it is stable. Also be sure to sit upright and properly behind the steering wheel. Philippe says driving is like any sport, so respect and handle your equipment properly.

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Summer Driving Tips: Treat Driving as a Job

In Canada, car accidents are most commonly caused by driver distraction. Cell phone use, changing the radio station, eating and drinking in the car are some of the most common distractions. Philippe urges Canadians to stay alert and focused in the car. Your job is to get from point A to B, so take this task seriously.

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Summer Driving Tips: Avoid Road Rage

Don’t let the road enrage you. Philippe sees road rage as an increasing problem amongst Canadians, particularly in big cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. He encourages Canadians to maintain a positive approach to driving. Respect for the road and the job of driving is paramount.

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Summer Driving Tips: Stay Calm  

As a judge on Canada’s Worst Driver, Philippe has witnessed some of the worst driving behaviours in the country. He says tense, panicked drivers often get themselves into the most trouble. Remaining calm behind the wheel will prevent you from making rash and dangerous decisions.

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