How to Get Road-Trip Ready for Your Next Summer Adventure

One of Canada’s most trusted auto experts, Petrina Gentile, has you covered with essentials for your next summer road trip.

How to get road-trip ready for your next summer adventurePhoto: eBay

Canadian summer is the perfect time to hit the open road and explore our beautiful country. As an automotive expert and avid road tripper, I’ve learned tips and tricks over the years on how to ensure smooth summer road adventures. Getting ready may require a few purchases, but you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money getting prepped – shopping gives you amazing choice and value for different needs and wants, including a Daily Deals program and Best Price Guarantee, so it could quickly become your one-stop shop for road trip essentials.

How to get road-trip ready for your next summer adventurePhoto: eBay

Here are my top summer car travel tips and must-haves to help you prepare like a road-trip pro:

Summer Tune Up

Giving your car a simple refresh before hitting the hot pavement will help ensure smooth sailing. Consider visiting a mechanic for a check to make sure fluids are topped and your battery is fully charged. I also suggest using your own scanner/diagnostic tool to assess any problems even before you head to the mechanic so you aren’t hit with any unpleasant surprises or costs.

Steer Clear of Tire Troubles

Flat tires deflate road trip fun, fast! Keeping a tire repair plug kit and air compressor in your trunk for a DIY solution can help get you to the next service station. With these kits, your tire can be repaired quickly and easily – simply remove the object that has caused the puncture, use the repair kit tool to push a sealing plug into the tire, use the air compressor to refill the tire, and you’re good to go.

Emergency Kit Essentials

Before you leave the driveway, pack essential safety items so you’re prepared for any bump in the road. While we all know the basic necessities like a spare blanket, first aid kit and flashlights, also consider a jumper power charging battery so you’re never stuck worrying about a dead phone or jumper. Duct tape and zip ties are also handy for quick temporary fixes like seals for leaks, fastening broken chains or loose wiring.

Opt for Multi-Purpose

To save precious cargo space, bring along multi-purpose tools. For example, having a multi-purpose screwdriver can be a lifesaver. Ensure the tool has a reversible blade with both a Philips head and flathead to serve as both a screwdriver to loosen and tighten fasteners as well as a great pry bar. I always pack a Swiss Army Knife, for good measure.

Cut the Clutter

It’s important to keep your car organized to prevent clutter that could turn into potential hazards, especially if you’re on a long trip. The more organized you are, the more room you have for luggage! Consider trunk and glove compartment organizers, in-car waste disposal bags and a tech caddy to keep track of your small gadgets.

Being well-prepared for your next summer road trip ensures your vacation starts off right the moment you hit the pavement. Be sure to take time to consider your car must-haves that will keep you and your travel companions comfortable and safe.

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