This is the Most Dangerous Day of the Week to Drive in Canada

According to a recent study, this day of the week has been the worst for collisions across Canada for an entire decade.

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These are the Safest—and Most Dangerous—Days to Drive in Canada

A recent Allstate Canada Safe Driving Study sheds some fascinating light on the driving habits of Canadians—including the most dangerous day of the week to drive. For 10 years running, the survey—which involved an in-depth analysis of Allstate Canada’s collision claims from 2008 to 2018—found that there were more collisions reported on Fridays than any other day of the week. Conversely, the safest day of the week to drive tends to be Sunday.

The single most dangerous days to drive in the entire calendar year, however, are the days leading up to Christmas, with Ontarians making the most collision claims on December 21, and Alberta and New Brunswick following suit on December 23. (Don’t miss these essential tips for a safe winter road trip.)

Across the board, Christmas Day itself is the safest day to be on the road, with the least number of collisions reported.

The study also revealed the following, based on claims reported in the last decade:

The safest community to drive in Canada: Hanmer, Ontario
The most dangerous community to drive in Canada: North York, Ontario
The community with the greatest increase in claims over 10 years: TIE — Kitchener, Ontario, and Brantford, Ontario (both +67%)
The community with the greatest decrease in claims over 10 years: Spruce Grove, Alberta (-27%)
The top five types of collision reported across Canada in 2018:
1. Rear ended (Here’s why you should never follow a friend while driving.)
2. Turning & intersections
3. Parked vehicle
4. Lane change
5. Stationary object or ditch

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