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The Highest-Rated Movies on Netflix Canada, According to Rotten Tomatoes

Can't decide what to watch? Start with this list of guaranteed fresh flicks.

What Reuniting With My Childhood Best Friend 20 Years Later Taught Me

After decades of not seeing my childhood best friend, we finally talked about that terrible night from so long ago....

Could You Really Be Jailed for Failing to Complete the Census?

If you’re tempted to “forget” to fill out the questionnaire, don’t.

Every James Bond Movie Ranked—From Worst to Best

We review and rank each of 007's globe-trotting adventures from worst to best.

Good News Stories From Around the World That Will Brighten Your Day

The most heartwarming and inspirational good news stories from across the globe.

The Best Thrillers on Netflix Canada You Need to Watch Right Now

From nail-biting murder mysteries to pulse-pounding capers, here are our most suspenseful picks.

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Hilarious History Jokes That Are Sure to Make You Smile

You don't have to be a history buff to find these jokes hilarious—but it might help!

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These Childhood Toys Are Now Worth Thousands

Are you sitting on a gold mine without even realizing it? These old toys and action figures could fetch big...

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40+ Funny Food Tweets That Are Sure to Make You Smile

Food: we love it, we need it. From crazy cooking tips to misunderstood menus, these funny food tweets will make...

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75 Funny Jokes to Make Anyone Laugh

For when you need the laughs to come fast!

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6 Weird Facts About Lightning Strikes

From strange lightning strike rashes to exploding trees, these facts about lightning will, well, shock you.

This Man Was Bitten By a Rattlesnake—After It Had Been Decapitated!

When Jeremy Sutcliffe decapitated the poisonous snake, he assumed that would be the end of it. He was wrong.

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This Is What Happens When You Get Struck by Lightning

There’s a nine in 10 chance you’ll survive. But what are the lasting effects of being exposed to hundreds of...

The 25 Best Summer Movies Ever

From breathtaking love stories to coming-of-age classics and everything in between, these 25 movies perfectly capture the sun-soaked days and...

10 Best Indigenous Authors to Read in 2021

From intimate poetry collections to poignant memoirs that blend fact, fiction and folklore, here are 10 Indigenous authors you need...

Inside the July/August 2021 Issue of Reader’s Digest Canada

Take a sneak peek at the latest issue of Reader's Digest Canada—headed to a mailbox (and newsstand) near you!

What’s New on Netflix Canada: July 2021

From highly-anticipated movies to returning TV favourites, we've rounded up the must-see new releases on Netflix Canada this month.

What is a Strawberry Moon?

The June full moon isn't just a supermoon, it's a super strawberry moon! Here's what to look for in the...

The Photographer Who Captures Life in the Congo’s Displaced Persons Camps

In his latest assignment for UNICEF, photographer Roger LeMoyne captures the resilience and determination of people displaced by ethnic conflict...

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Word Power: Test Your Knowledge of These Canadian Slang Terms

It's a snap to tell a toque from a chesterfield, but not all Canadianisms stretch from coast to coast to...

The Best Songs to Help You Sleep, According to Science

Sit back, relax and listen. Based on the latest research, this playlist of the best songs to help you sleep...

One Funny Country: The Best Canadian Jokes From Coast to Coast to Coast

Who is the most hilarious of them all? Survey these cross-Canada zingers, gags and jests—and judge for yourself.

When a Scuba Diver Got Lost in a Cave, This Rescuer Refused to Quit Searching

Two friends dove into a dark underwater tunnel in the Adriatic Sea. Only one came out.

Butter Tarts: Inside the Fascinating Origins of Canada’s Most Famous Dessert

Where did the butter tart come from? And is it still a butter tart if you add bacon? Here’s the...

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10 Tweets About Driving That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

How to parallel park: Step 1 - Park somewhere else.

Theland Kicknosway’s Long Run

As Ottawa teen Theland Kicknosway embarks on his seventh annual marathon for missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and transgender...

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30 Photos of Young Princess Diana Before She Became a Royal

Before she garnered the love and attention from the world, young Princess Diana was just a regular person like the...

How a Chicago Hospital Pulled Off Back-to-Back Triple Organ Transplants

Before 2018, only 15 triple organ transplants—heart, liver and kidney—had ever been performed in the United States. Then, over the...

25 Greatest Canadian Albums of All Time

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than by listening to the best music the Great White North has to...

The Surprising True Story Behind “O Canada”

Meet the most important Canadian you’ve probably never heard of: Calixa Lavallée. He was a composer, performer, entrepreneur, educator, soldier—and...