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The Highest-Rated Movies on Netflix Canada, According to Rotten Tomatoes

Can't decide what to watch? Start with this list of guaranteed fresh flicks.

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Text Slang Terms Decoded: What 16 Common Social Media Abbreviations Actually Mean

Come across an abbreviation on social media that's left you scratching your head? Here's some of the most common text...

Could You Really Be Jailed for Failing to Complete the Census?

If you’re tempted to “forget” to fill out the questionnaire, don’t.

Every James Bond Movie Ranked—From Worst to Best

We review and rank each of 007's globe-trotting adventures from worst to best.

Good News Stories From Around the World That Will Brighten Your Day

The most heartwarming and inspirational good news stories from across the globe.

The Best Thrillers on Netflix Canada You Need to Watch Right Now

From nail-biting murder mysteries to pulse-pounding capers, here are our most suspenseful picks.

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For the Love of Cinema

Director Sergio Navarretta recounts his journey from humble beginnings to big screens.

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12 Common Habits You Should Avoid in the Drive-Thru

Love to save time by using the drive-thru rather than going inside? You definitely won't want to slow down the...

25 Feel-Good Movies on Netflix Canada That Will Lift Your Spirits

Whether you’re looking to cure a case of the blues or need something to keep you going through lockdown restrictions,...

The 10 Most Controversial Royal Memoirs Ever Published

Prince Harry won’t be the first royal family member to rock the boat with a tell-all autobiography. Here are 10...

These Tiny Triumphs Helped Me Make the Most of My Year, Despite the Pandemic

From thanking a stranger to clearing your inbox, no task is too small. Here’s how doing these simple tasks might...

6 Bizarre Things That Happen When It’s About to Storm

Even when you can't find a weather report, nature gives its own signs that a downpour is on its way.

3 Signs Your Streaming Accounts Have Been Hacked

Binge-watch safely! Be on the lookout for these red flags, and learn how to protect your streaming accounts—and your bank...

The Best New Books Coming Out This Summer

Check out this season’s must-reads, including Louise Penny's latest book, The Madness of Crowds.

After a Routine Surgery Went Wrong, This Patient Agreed to Extreme Measures

What was supposed to be a straightforward surgery left Verna Marzo on the brink of death. With less than a...

How to Understand—And Like—Poetry

Reading poetry can be daunting but life-changing. We turned to poet and professor Sonnet L’Abbé for tips on how to...

Here’s What Those Coloured Circles on Food Packages Actually Mean

Wondering what those coloured circles on food packages really mean? The answer is more technical than you might think.

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Word Power: Test Your Knowledge of These Common Crossword Puzzle Answers

Certain otherwise obscure words show up repeatedly in crossword grids because they’re short, full of vowels or both. Take your...

This Man Was Stung a Thousand Times by Killer Bees—And Survived

The only way to save his friend from the killer bees was to climb up the mountain and back into...

How Ocean Researchers Are Figuring Out the Secrets of the White Shark

From social media to reality shows, here’s how ocean researchers are unravelling the mysteries of the world’s most notorious predator.

Why the Plural of Moose Isn’t “Meese”

It's a wild grammatical moose chase.

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100+ Funny Tweets Every Parent Can Relate To

Parenting is both challenging and rewarding—and sometimes very, very funny. These totally relatable parenting tweets will make you laugh out...

Word Power Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Baby Terms?

Babies can start building their vocabularies at eight months old. How many of these baby terms are in yours?

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120 Hilarious Tweets That Are Guaranteed to Make You Grin

It's amazing how much hilarity you can cram into just 280 characters.

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16 Quirky Traits You Didn’t Know You Inherited

Is it nature or nurture? You'll be shocked to learn just how many seemingly random things about you aren't random...

If You’ve Ever Provided Tech Support For Your Folks, You’ll Relate to This Hilarious Story

Helpful (and hilarious) hints for troubleshooting your parents' IT issues.

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Funny Tweets About Technology Everyone Can Relate To

Technology is a part of everyday life, but it can get downright frustrating sometimes. These funny Tweets show you're not...

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The Most Chilling UFO Sightings Ever Recorded

If you're a skeptic, these creepy UFO sightings will make you believe. If you already believe, prepare to get spooked!

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20+ Harry Potter Jokes Every Muggle Should Know

You don't have to be a die-hard Potterhead to find these Harry Potter jokes hilarious—but it might help!