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The 5 Top-Rated Apps of the Month

Top-rated productivity apps with sharing features to help reduce household stress-and increase chances for romance.

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1. Old Faithful

The stalwart scheduling app Google Calendar is still one of the best bets for custom time management. With Google’s simple interface and the ability to create multiple shared calendars between users with joint editing privileges, it’s a tried-and-true way to coordinate a busy household. Multiple calendars can be viewed at once, and integration with Gmail means that email invitations trigger a handy “Add to Calendar” button. Free,

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2. Easy Does It

Wunderlist is the app of choice for busy couples who don’t want to waste time getting organized. Deceptively simple, it allows users to create custom task lists and set due dates and reminders without elaborate categories or priority levels. Most importantly it boasts Web and device syncing as well as the capacity to add and share tasks via email and to work collaboratively on lists. Free,

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3. Hot Dates

Juggling jobs and kids can be a major roadblock to romance. Cozi was built to help. Download this time-management app to create an account, then add household members one by one-anyone with the password can contribute. Events colour-coded by family member make it easy to keep track of whether your partner needs to pick up the little ones from soccer, or if there’s an opening for quality couple time. Cozi also features simple grocery and to-do lists, as well as a journal for sharing photos and notes, making this a super all-in-one application to keep your whole family on the same page. Free,

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4. From “I Do” to To-Do

Modern marriage could take some cues from project management. Perfect for multistep domestic undertakings such as home renovations and party planning, Astrid, a to-do list manager, allows users to create detailed task lists that can be shared and assigned via email. Notifications and alarms can be added, and tasks prioritized. Other top-notch features include Google Calendar integration and cross-platform syncing between Web and mobile versions. Free,

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5. Feed the Love

Say so long to squabbling over who forgot the milk. Grocery Gadget lets users save and reuse grocery lists, and even import data from online recipes. Best of all, it syncs across a Web portal and multiple devices. Once you set up a group account, you and your partner can shop separately-a push notification will let you know if the list has been updated. From $2.99,