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5 Unforgettable YouTube Meltdowns

Nobody likes losing their temper, but it’s hard to not laugh at some of YouTube’s most notorious meltdowns. Enjoy our top choices for people most in need of anger management training.

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Everybody has lost their temper at one point in time or another. But when anger turns into rage, often the results can be unpredictable. The odd part is, as much as we don’t like being at the center of a “rageout”, it can sometimes be amusing to watch people lose their cool on video. Bearing this in mind we’ve put together a memorable gallery of the internet’s most memorable meltdowns, with everybody from Tom Cruise to John McEnroe. Sit back, turn up the volume, and prepare to watch five people lose their cool in epic fashion.

Angry Professor

Every student knows to turn off their phone during class, but one professor makes sure it’s a rule his students won’t soon forget.

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John McEnroe

Legendary tennis star John McEnroe often made headlines for his skill on the court, but his uncontrollable temper may be what he’s most remembered for.

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Biggest Basketball Brawl Ever!

Sporting events are usually family-friendly environments. This game was not. Strap yourself in for a truly unbelievable basketball game.

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Ridiculous Baby Temper

Children throw temper tantrums. Not many go to such lengths as this.

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Tom Cruise on Psychology

Although Tom Cruise may have staged a successful comeback, this meltdown on Matt Lauer may be remembered as the moment when everything changed for the big-screen star. Sit down and watch Cruise go a little crazy.