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7 Incredible Lego Creations

Robin Sather is Canada’s go-to guy for Lego sculptures, be it a room-size sphinx, a life-size triceratops head or a scale-model of the Model T assembly line. The Vancouver resident is part of a small international cadre known as the Lego certified professionals, a group of 11 worldwide “Lego artisans” who have attained official backing from Denmark company brass. Check out seven works of art created by this Lego “brickmaster” and his team.

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Lego is not just a kid-focused hobby. Vancouver resident Robin Sather is an Adult Lego Enthusiast who builds large sculptures-such as a room-size sphinx-out of the Danish plastic bricks for museums and science centres.

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Sather’s Lego construction “Castle of the Sleeping Dragon” won Best of Show at the 2005 NWBrickCon (now known as BrickCon) held in Seattle, Washington. BrickCon is the oldest continuous LEGO convention and exhibition in North America.

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A giant robot on display in the exhibition ‘A LEGO® Odyssey’ at the TELUS World of Science in Vancouver, BC.

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 A diorama of a scene from the Nile River. An interesting fact: All of the Lego bricks that Sather and his team use come directly from the Lego company town of Billund, Denmark.

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A giant space shuttle (almost 9 feet tall) on display in the ‘Wheels, Wings & Waves’ exhibit at the Halifax Discovery Centre.

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Sather and fellow builders David and Paul pose with a completed sphinx model. The actual size of the sphinx is 8 feet wide by 8 feet long by 8 feet high, and took about 75 hours to build.

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Sather and his team built the first known model of an Albertaceratops. Standing at almost 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide, the horned dinosaur was on display at the ‘Lost Worlds’ exhibit at the Telus World of Science in Edmonton, AB.

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Sather poses with his Lego sculpture of ‘Vinnie the Vampire’, a character from a live Halloween musical show called The Great Big BOO!.