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22 Beach Puns That Are Shore to Make You Laugh

"Life's a beach" is so last year! These beach one-liners, ocean puns, and jokes are perfect for your next sojourn to the shore. Not to mention, beach puns make great Instagram captions for a beach day.

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Hilarious beach puns

BEACH LOVER 1: What’s your favourite beach you’ve ever been to?
BEACH LOVER 2: It’s a beach in California!
BEACH LOVER 1: California has a lot of beaches, could you please be more Pacific?

Q. What do you do with a sick boat?
A. Bring it to the dock!

Q. What did the fisherman say when his fishing line got tangled?
A. Something a-piers to be wrong…

Q: What did the ocean say to the pirate?
A: Nothing—it just waved!

Q. Did you hear about the martial artists who fought on the beach?
A. They faced off in sand-to-sand combat.

Boat puns are *ferry* funny! Here are some more bad jokes you can’t help but laugh at.

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Q. What crashes onto the shore on very small beaches?

A. Micro-waves.

Q. How does the ocean floor stay up-to-date on the news?
A. By following current events, of course.

Q. Why did the crab cross the beach?
A. To get to the other tide!

Q. What did the sand say when the tide came back in?
A. Long time, no sea!

Q. What does Cinderella wear at the beach?
A. Glass flippers!

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What’s up, buoys and gulls?

I’m ready to make waves today!

Don’t worry, beach happy!

You’ll have to excuse my resting beach face.

Remember, don’t give in to pier pressure!

How are you? Because I feel fin-tastic!

I’m swimming at the beach, water you doing today?

Time for a shell-ebration!

This beautiful beach is making me emoceanal.

Relaxing on the beach is my porpoise!

Get out there and seas the day!

I see you trying to come up with some funny ocean puns. But I beach you to it.

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