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25 Funniest Comedies on Netflix Canada You Need to Watch

From teen satires to buddy cop parodies, these comedy movies on Netflix are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

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Best Comedy Movies On Netflix Canada - Bridesmaids (2011)Photo: Universal Pictures

Bridesmaids (2011)

With Bridesmaids, writing partners Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo deliver one of the best comedy movies on Netflix Canada. Their hero is Annie Walker (played by Wiig), a down-on-her-luck pastry chef who becomes the maid of honour for her oldest friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph)—much to the chagrin of Lillian’s new bestie, the wealthy and snobbish Helen (Rose Byrne). A box office breakthrough for female-driven comedies, Bridesmaids balances out its earnest, relatable drama with offbeat characters and outrageous gross-out gags. Plus: Melissa McCarthy, who stars as Lillian’s future sister-in-law, is a scene-stealing delight.

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Best Comedy Movies On Netflix Canada - Planes Trains And Automobiles (1987)Photo: Paramount Pictures

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)

After writing and directing two of the greatest teen movies ever, John Hughes decided to cover middle-age with Planes, Trains and Automobiles. It might just be his most fully-realized work, and it’s certainly one of the most varied comedies of the decade, moving from slapstick to compassionate drama in the blink of an eye. Its two stars, Steve Martin as a curmudgeonly marketing exec and John Candy as a kind but annoying shower curtain ring salesman, hit career highs in this 1987 comedy classic.

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Best Comedy Movies On Netflix Canada - DownsizingPhoto: Paramount Pictures

Downsizing (2017)

Thought there was nothing new to add to the midlife-crisis comedy? Think again. In Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alexander Payne’s misunderstood triumph, a groundbreaking new scientific process, “downsizing,” allows participants to shrink themselves to a height of five inches, thereby granting them a smaller carbon footprint and, most importantly, more bang for their buck. Cash-strapped physical therapist Paul (Matt Damon) goes ahead with the procedure, but after moving into Leisureland, a New Mexico community for tiny people, he learns all that glitters is not gold. Look out for the scene-stealing Hong Chau as Ngoc Lan Tran, a Vietnamese political activist who lives in Leisureland’s less-privileged parts.

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Best Comedy Movies On Netflix Canada - Talladega Nights The Ballad Of Ricky BobbyPhoto: Netflix

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006)

In the ultra-competitive, often petty world of NASCAR, Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell, who also co-wrote the film) reigns supreme. With his best pal Cal Naughton Jr. (John C. Reilly) as the second driver on his team, Bobby is poised to be the next Dale Earnhardt—until a talented French Formula One Driver (Sacha Baron Cohen) derails the duo’s plans and threatens to take the crown for himself. Equal parts spoof and love letter to the popular sport, Talladega Nights is above all a celebration of friendship, determination and yes, speed.

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Best Comedy Movies On Netflix Canada - Happy GilmorePhoto: Universal Pictures

Happy Gilmore (1996)

Adam Sandler may have earned critical plaudits for 2002’s Punch-Drunk Love and 2019’s Uncut Gems, but Happy Gilmore is still his most “Adam Sandler” film to date. The title character, a failed hockey player equipped with nothing more than a violent temper and a powerful slapshot, enters a professional golf tournament in the hopes of saving his grandmother from foreclosure. Sandler shines in the kind of role he perfected—the mentally unstable man-child—but Gilmore’s real ace is Chubbs Peterson, a one-handed former pro who takes a shine to Happy. Plus: there’s Bob Barker in one of the funniest cameos in movie history.

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Best Comedy Movies On Netflix - Late NightPhoto: Amazon Studios

Late Night (2019)

The “diversity hire” may not be go-to subject matter for mainstream comedies, but 2019’s Late Night tackles the concept head-on—to hilarious effect. In an attempt to revamp her once-popular late night talk show, Katherine Newbury (Emma Thompson) hires Molly Patel (Mindy Kaling), the show’s first Indian-American writer in a staff room full of white men. Slowly but surely, Molly’s ideas prove to be a hit with audiences, while Katherine is forced to deal with an unexpected personal crisis. An insightful and superbly acted flick.

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Best Comedy Movies On Netflix - The King Of Staten IslandPhoto: Universal Pictures

The King of Staten Island (2020)

Breakout Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson and writer-director Judd Apatow prove to be an inspired combo in this heartfelt comedy-drama. Loosely based on Davidson’s own life, The King of Staten Island follows Scott Carlin, an aimless 24-year-old high school dropout who dreams of becoming a tattoo artist. But when his mother (Marisa Tomei) begins dating a firefighter (Bill Burr), Scott is forced to come to terms with his father’s passing—and his own feelings towards Kelsey (Bel Powley), his on-and-off girlfriend.

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Best Comedy Movies On Netflix - RedPhoto: Summit Entertainment

Red (2010)

After starring in some of the greatest action movies ever made, it’s only fair that Bruce Willis would return to the genre that first made him a star—for laughs, of course. He does just that in 2010’s Red, playing Frank Moses, a retired CIA black ops agent who now spends his days sweet-talking a call centre employee (Mary Louise Parker). But after learning that a hit squad is out to eliminate him, Moses is forced to call his old pals—Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren and Succession’s Brian Cox—out of retirement.

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Best Comedy Movies On Netflix - The Hitman's BodyguardPhoto: Lionsgate

The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017)

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson prove to be a formidable pair in this endearing action-comedy. When a sought-after mercenary (Reynolds) is hired for a security detail job, he’s shocked to learn that his newest client is Darius Kincaid (Jackson), a world-famous assassin who’s set to testify against a vicious Belarusian dictator (Oldman). The Hitman’s Bodyguard overcomes its clichés by leaning into screwball territory—and letting its two superstar leads take control of the proceedings.

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