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10 Best Podcasts for Women You Need to Start Listening To

Interested in learning more about the world—and yourself? These empowering podcasts hosted by women delve into success, marriage, mental health and everything in between.

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Best Podcasts For Women - The Michelle Obama PodcastPhoto: Spotify

The Michelle Obama Podcast

On this inspiring podcast, you’ll hear the former First Lady in a refreshing new light—in fact, tuning in to an episode is not unlike having an all-encompassing talk with your favourite relative. Over the course of 10 captivating episodes (and counting), Obama analyzes her insecurities, does a deep dive on her family life and opens up about the difficulties that come with menopause. Guests include Conan O’Brien, Washington Post columnist Michele Norris and, of course, her husband, Barack.  The Michelle Obama Podcast is a tribute to what really makes us who we are: family, mentors and life-long friends.

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Best Podcasts For Women - Love LettersPhoto: Apple Podcasts

Love Letters

Ever had an embarrassing question about love? This podcast, hosted by Boston Globe columnist Meredith Goldstein, might just be for you. Based on her own long-running advice column, Love Letters is an entertaining inquiry into all-things relationships. Featuring real stories, topics include toxic relationships, the glamorization of meet-cutes and whether or not soulmates truly exist.

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Best Podcasts For Women - Stuff Mom Never Told YouPhoto: Spotify

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Why are women more prone to depression? Do women dream differently than men? Why do men traditionally propose? These are the burning questions hosts Anney Reese and Samantha McVey explore in the must-listen Stuff Mom Never Told You. Bouncing back and forth between light-hearted and serious subject matter, sometimes with a bit of science thrown in for good measure, the podcast examines what it means to be a woman—and how it can affect everyday life. Reese and McVey even do a “Feminist Movie Day,” where they break down mainstream films that include feminist angles.

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Best Podcasts For Women - Hey, GirlPhoto: Spotify

Hey, Girl

In our time of isolation, hey, girl. is the pandemic podcast you didn’t know you needed. Writer and self-care advocate Alex Elle sits down with inspiring women for intimate conversations about storytelling, divorce, cancer, interracial relationships and grief. Episodes of hey, girl. often take on a therapeutic tone, as Elle also features stories of hardship from her friends and family. For women going through a rough patch, this podcast is there to let you know you’re not alone.

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Best Podcasts For Women - Anonymous Was A WomanPhoto: Spotify

Anonymous Was a Woman

Anonymous Was a Woman might just be the best virtual book club around. In this podcast for literature lovers, hosts Jamila Rizvi and Astrid Edwards recommend the best new reads while also tackling the evolution of female writers throughout history. It’s an absolute riot to hear the duo debate the books they love and hate, as well as titles that made them cry or angry. Prominent female authors interviewed in Anonymous Was a Woman include Alice Pung and Nadia Owusu.

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Best Podcasts For Women - Motherhood SessionsPhoto: Gimlet Media

Motherhood Sessions

Being a mom can be challenging, and few people know that better than Dr. Alexandra Sacks. In Motherhood Sessions, the American reproductive psychiatrist explores the hardships of motherhood and how it affects a woman’s loss of innocence. To encourage her listeners to be more emotionally honest, Sacks features conversations with women who speak openly about their troubles. Each episode of Motherhood Sessions feels like a cathartic therapy session.

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Best Podcasts For Women - Second LifePhoto: Courtesy of Second Life

Second Life

Deciding to change career paths? Second Life will tell you what to expect. In this podcast, Who What Wear co-founder Hillary Kerr shines a light on women who’ve made the daring choice to switch careers at mid-life. Standout episodes include interviews with actress-turned-entrepreneur Jessica Alba, whose The Honest Company was valued at just shy of $1 billion in 2017, as well as Jenna Bans, who created the NBC series Good Girls in 2018. The uplifting Second Life is essential listening for women of any age who are looking to find a new career.

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Best Podcasts For Women - The Sista CollectivePhoto: Apple Podcasts

The Sista Collective

Hosted by four British women of colour, this BBC podcast features candid conversations centred on being a racialized person in the U.K. From discussions about racial injustice to exploring one’s own cultural roots and struggles with body image, The Sista Collective often feels like a much-needed talk with friends.

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Best Podcasts For Women - She Makes Money MovesPhoto: Courtesy of Glamour

She Makes Money Moves

Still struggle to have an honest conversation about your financial situation? In She Makes Money Moves, money is far from being the elephant in the room. Hosted by Glamour editor-in-chief Samantha Barry, this podcast features real-life tales from across the U.S. about how much women make, how much women spend, and how finances impact our relationships and identity. If you’ve long wondered why asking for a raise is so difficult or the do’s and don’ts of investing, She Makes Money Moves is a must-listen.

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Best Podcasts For Women - Field Guide To Eating In CanadaPhoto: Audible

Field Guide to Eating in Canada

Canadian cuisine is more than just poutine and beavertails! In Field Guide to Eating in Canada, cookbook author Meredith Erickson travels across Canada to learn more about our nation’s tastiest dishes—and the amazing people behind them. From large cities to small town neighbourhoods, Erickson features chefs, butchers, farmers and locals. All episodes will be released on Amazon’s streaming platform,

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