5 Great Gift Ideas in the Toughest Year to Give

Help children in need while honouring a loved one at the same time.

Children BelievePhoto: Children Believe

The holidays are almost upon us. Have you thought about what to get your friends and family in a world where everyone is going out less and sticking close to their social bubble?

You can spread hope to the people you love, and vulnerable communities around the world at the same time, by supporting those in need through a charity gift catalogue.

You’ll help provide emergency assistance, water, nourishment, healthcare and more — all barriers holding children back from enjoying their right to education.

Give a unique gift that will provide hope and joy for $75 or less… 

Emergency food pack

Critically needed rations — such as rice, pasta, oil and wheat — will provide for urgent needs.

Children BelievePhoto: Children Believe

Clean water

You’ll give children clean water close to home, so they grow healthy and go to school rather than fetch water for hours a day.

Children BelievePhoto: Children Believe

Emergency medical fund

Help fund emergency surgery, hospital care, follow-up treatment and medication when it’s needed most. Be the safety net every parent prays for in times of need.

Children BelievePhoto: Children Believe

Student starter kit

Make it possible for kids to arrive at school prepared to learn with a school uniform and backpack filled with essential supplies, such as pencils, pens, paper and schoolbooks.

Children BelievePhoto: Children Believe

Fruit tree

The fast-growing, drought-resistant Moringa “miracle” tree provides seven times more vitamin C than oranges and four times more calcium than milk.

Children BelievePhoto: Children Believe

Share the joy of Christmas with children and youth who need it most. Check out more than 40 gifts in Children Believe’s Gifts for Good catalogue, and help children believe and achieve the extraordinary.

Shop childrenbelieve.ca/gift-catalogue today.

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