Can You Answer These 14 Dictionary Questions from Jeopardy!?

Test your word power with these real dictionary questions from Jeopardy!

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The Toughest “In the Dictionary” Questions From Jeopardy!

From foreign language words to new words to Pig Latin, words are always a popular topic on the hit game show. Before you test your knowledge with these real Jeopardy! questions, brush up on your word power by learning about the synonyms and antonyms people search for most!

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“New to the Scrabble Player’s Dictionary” for $2000: This cute canine, a cross of a toy breed & a hound dog

In May of 2019 Jeopardy! legend James Holzhauer, a professional sports gambler from Las Vegas, knew the correct question was “What is a puggle?” Holzhauer is one of the top ten Jeopardy! winners of all time.

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“In the Spanish Dictionary” for $1000: You’ll find zócalo for a main square & this masculine word for shoe

A student from Chatham, New Jersey, Rhea Sinha, who was playing in the Teen Tournament in November of 2018 knew that the correct question was: “What is zapato?”

Here are eight Spanish phrases everyone should know.

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“New Words in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary,” Daily Double: The neurological condition prosopagnosia is often called this blindness, for what isn’t recognized

A strategy consultant from Washington, D.C., Jacob Farrell, asked the question in, July of 2017 “What is colour blindness?” which was incorrect. The correct question was “What is face blindness?”

Psst—here’s the real reason Canadians and Americans spell “colour” differently.

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“Entomologist Dictionary” for $1000: 7-letter term for the imitation by harmless insect species of poisonous ones to fool predators

Back in April of 2016, Catherine Kruchten, an informal educator from Baltimore, Maryland, knew the correct question was, “What is mimicry?”

Take our word power challenge—test your knowledge of insect terms!

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“Words of the Year” for $1000 Oxford: Post-truth, edging out this 4-letter adjective meaning alert to injustice

Back in 2017, Alex noted these words were selected in 2016 for various dictionaries. Gary Tse, a freshman at the United States Naval Academy from Ellicott City, Maryland, knew the question was, “What is woke?” in this College Championship Round.

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“International Crime Dictionary” for $800: In Britain, this 4-letter first name can mean to arrest, to steal, or prison

The correct question for the triple stumper in this game in March of 2015 was, “What is nick?”

These are the Jeopardy! categories that stump everyone.

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“In the Dictionary,” Daily Double: You’ll find it listed as a synonym for “enjoy” or described as a type of condiment

Over 30 years ago, back in 1988, Paul Donnelly, a nanny originally from Alexandria, Virginia, knew the correct question was, “What is relish?”

Here’s another Jeopardy! quiz for those of you who relish words.

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“In the Dictionary” for $1000: It’s a “shell” term for the part of your heart warmed by emotion or sentiment

Are you as connected to your thumper as Janine Menhennet, a homemaker from Pasadena, California, who knew the correct question back in 1997 was, “What is cockles?”

Put your knowledge to the test with these Final Jeopardy questions everybody got wrong.

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“Noises in the Dictionary” for $1600: In “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” the mariner’s shipmates keel over “with heavy” this, “a lifeless lump”

None of the contestants in January 2003 knew that the correct question was, “What is thump?”

Take a walk down memory lane with this roundup of Alex Trebek’s most memorable moments on Jeopardy!.

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“First Names in the Dictionary,” Daily Double: First names in the dictionary that are synonyms for a Christmas song include Carol and this male name

In July of 2018 Wes Hazard, a stand-up comic and storyteller from Stoughton, Massachusetts, knew the correct question was, “What is Noel?”

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“Dictionary Definitions” for $2000: Diacritical mark used to represent vowel sounds like the A in ago

In January 2018, not one of the contestants knew that the correct question was, ” What is schwa?”

Find out more names for things you didn’t know existed.

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“According to Black Law’s History” for $1,000: The judicial procedure by which a testamentary document is established to be a valid will

In December, 2017, Travis Rojakovick, an equity analyst from Nashville, analyzed the clue correctly to ask the question, “What is probate?”

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“Pig Latin” for $800 (Question must be in Pig Latin): The “Historical Dict. of American Slang” defines this Pig Latin word as “to clear out” & has citations back to around 1930

A math teacher, Jason Zuffranieri, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, responded (in Pig Latin) with the correct question, “What is amscray?”

While Pig Latin isn’t so scholarly, these real Latin words will make you sound smarter.

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“Say the Word” for $1600: From an Old English word for “tenth,” it’s the act of giving one-tenth of your income to a church.

In October, 2018, Hannah McIntyre, an author from British Columbia responded with the correct question, “What is tithing?”

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