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15 Funny Tweets About Technology Everyone Can Relate To

Technology is a part of everyday life, but it can get downright frustrating sometimes. These funny Tweets show you're not alone in the struggle.

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technology tweets USBPhoto: Shutterstock

Maybe Someday

I don’t think I have ever, even once in my life, plugged a USB cable in right side up on the first try. —Chris Evans, actor

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Save Image As…

If Leonardo da Vinci were alive today, the Mona Lisa would have been called “IMG-20121020-00463.jpg.” —@SadPeruna

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technology tweets iCloudPhoto: Sharaf Maksumov /

A Message From Above

Moses was technically the first person to download files to his tablet from the cloud. —@ADDiane

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technology tweets roombaPhoto: Shutterstock

Wipe Out the Competition

My Roomba just went into the corner and knocked over the broom that was leaning there. Dude, chill out. You already got the job. —@burnie

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Personal Cheerleader

If I’m ever feeling down, I just type “Yo are the best” into Google. Then it responds, “I think you mean: You are the best.” And I feel much better. —Jack Barry, comedian

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No Soliciting, Please

Before you buy that nice jacket online, ask yourself, “Am I willing to delete one extra e-mail every day for the rest of my life?” —@AaronFullerton

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technology tweets 404 errorPhoto: Shutterstock

A Big Mistake

My computer just gave me an “Error 404” message, which can’t be right because I know I’ve made way more errors than that. —@dmc1138

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technology tweets mopedPhoto: Lennox Wright /

Moan and Groan

“‘I hate being half bike, half-motorcycle,” he moped. —@SkinnerSteven

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Finally some free time. Should I push the button on my phone that makes me feel bad about my career, the one that makes me feel bad about my body, or the one that makes me feel bad about the people I grew up with? —@thenatewolf

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Noble Cause

I’d like to teach the world to load the dishwasher. —Tabatha Southey, writer

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technology tweets phone silentPhoto: Shutterstock

Peace and Quiet

Movie theatre: Please silence your phones.
Me, who hasn’t taken my phone off silent since 2012: *double checks* —@abgates7

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technology tweets autocorrectPhoto: Shutterstock

Fixed That For You

The man who invented autocorrect should burn in hello. —@Pegerella

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technology tweets trump twitterPhoto: Tero Vesalainen /

Social Media Malaise

At the end of a long and difficult day, I like to come home, put my feet up, log onto Twitter, and get absolutely livid at everything awful in the world. Really takes the edge off. —Mark Hoppus, musician

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technology tweets HVACPhoto: Shutterstock

This Sucks

The nostrils are the HVAC to the soul. —@HMittelmark

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technology tweets laptop phonePhoto: Shutterstock


I’m just a girl sitting in front of a computer, holding a phone that is open to the same website as the computer I’m sitting in front of. —Allison Tolman, actor

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