Funny Photos of Grocery Store Items No One Wants to Panic-Buy

Toilet paper? Get real. Chocolate hummus and broccoli pizza crusts? There's plenty in stock.

The sad leftovers on those grocery store shelves

In a time of unprecedented crisis, we’ve shown we’re willing to do anything to survive so long as you don’t make us eat a plant-based diet. Sure, supermarkets are emptied daily of toilet paper and chicken cutlets, but there are more flax seeds in Aisle 7 than there are grains of sand on Earth right now.

Chocolate hummus

Look. Either be chocolate or be hummus, you don’t get to be both. I didn’t even know this existed prior to this photo, and think we should leave it in the pre-pandemic world.

Plant-based protein

Look, my plants are my closest friends right now, so I guess I would be reluctant to eat those too.

Hawaiian pizza

Loose translation: Even at the height of panic, humans know how to keep it together. Pineapple on pizza—so polarizing. Like mushrooms or politicians.

Corona (the beer)

Imagine being the CEO of Corona beer and being like wait, the what virus?

Manhattan Clam Chowder

Honestly, they’re right to do it. Let’s be careful with the use of the word “plague” though.

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Unsalted potato chips

Girl, not even on my darkest day. Not even at my lowest point. Not even under quarantine. I would eat astronaut food first.

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Cinnamon raisin bagels

I would eat the cinnamon raisin bagels… Might not even slice and butter them. I’d just bite into them like an apple.

Gluten-free bread

Honestly, good! Leave it for the gluten-free people. They’re not eating gluten-free bread because they enjoy it!

Cauliflower pizza crust

If you ever try to tell me that you can substitute cauliflower for something that’s not another piece of cauliflower and it tastes the same, your credibility flies out the window like a paper napkin on the highway to hell.

Shrimp ramen

The chicken ramen, however, is a delicacy. I would trade three barrels of oil for one cup o’ chicken noodles.

Hot dogs

Hot dogs, when boiled in the questionable water of a pull-away street cart at an amusement park, baseball game, or simply the sidewalk, are a delicacy. Since you would be subjected to preparing these in your home right now without those elite conditions, this actually makes sense to me.

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Peeps cereal

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