New Sour Cannabis Gummies Take Edibles to a Whole New Dimension

Why one brand’s latest innovation may have you trying and liking cannabis gummies for the first time.

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Sourz Main Img 1000x750Photo: SOURZ by Spinach™
Whether you’re a cannabis lover or a total rookie, there’s a new type of edible in town that’s ready to give you an experience like no other: SOURZ by Spinach™. A line of juicy cannabis gummies that offer a sour-then-sweet flavour, designed to Blast Your Senses. These THC-infused gummies, which come in three fruity taste profiles including Blue Raspberry Watermelon, Strawberry Mango and Peach Orange, have all the ease of the usual gummy format with one special twist: “a proprietary flavour-masking technology, which helps mask that unpleasant cannabis after-taste,” says Dr. Todd K. Abraham, Chief Innovation Officer at Cronos Group, the innovative cannabinoid company behind these SOURZ by Spinach™ gummies. “We took our time to develop SOURZ and believe our gummies are a game-changer in the edibles category in Canada.”

The perks of cannabis gummies

If you’re canna-curious but don’t want to inhale, or you’re looking for a different delivery system for the flower you already love, gummies make trying something new easy peasy. Why? Because they take the hassle out of consumption. According to a recent study,* 46 per cent of Canadian cannabis users integrated edibles into their lifestyle during the pandemic and the same number say that gummies are their favourite form of edible, beating out chocolate and beverages.

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Wondering how gummies make cannabis use easier?

  • They’re mess-free and easy to transport—so much so that 64 per cent of surveyed Canadian cannabis users* say that the park or beach is among their top three favourite places to have edibles.
  • There’s no smoke, so you don’t have to worry about odour or bothering people near you.
  • Each gummy has an amount of THC and/or CBD that’s listed on the package. That means consumption is a cinch to control.
  • Each pack contains five gummies, which makes it easy for sharing with friends.

Sourz Img3 1000x750Photo: SOURZ by Spinach™

SOURZ by Spinach™: A new type of gummy

Inspired by the world of confectionery and created by a team of professional chefs, food scientists and cannabis leaders, SOURZ by Spinach™ gummies eliminate the biggest downfall of cannabis edibles: a strong cannabis flavour. “Many consumers know that edibles often have a grassy or earthy taste,” says Abraham. “Our team rose to the challenge of creating a cannabis gummy rooted in the practices of the confectionery industry to deliver a great-tasting product to adult consumers. It was a fun challenge to tackle.”

Though the science behind the flavour-masking technology is a secret, there’s plenty to love about the fact that these gummies are dual flavoured and blasted with sugar crystals that taste sour then sweet. “Our team all agreed that we wanted to deliver on a product that was bold, juicy, and a little sour—with none of the cannabis aftertaste” Abraham notes. The result? Cannabis gummies that taste more like candy than edibles. They also have a few other features:

  • There are 2mg of THC in each piece, for a total of 10mg of THC in a package. This carefully formulated concentration means you can regulate exactly how much THC you intake—and you can easily share with friends. The Peach Orange gummies also contain 2 mg of CBD in each piece, for a total of 10 mg of CBD in a package.
  • They’re vegan!

Sourz Img4 1000x750Photo: SOURZ by Spinach™

Trying gummies for the first time

For more than half of the surveyed cannabis users,* edibles are most fun when consumed with other people. For 98 per cent of the same group, a friend makes the top-three list of people to enjoy cannabis with, while their partner comes in a close second at 92 per cent.* If you’re trying cannabis gummies for the first time, picking a buddy with whom to share the experience makes good sense.

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*The online survey was commissioned by Cronos Group and designed to better understand the habits of adult Canadian cannabis users and their consumption of cannabis edibles. It included 3,023 randomly selected Canadian adults, aged 19 and older (1,168 of whom reported consuming cannabis) and was run from July 13 to July 15, 2021.

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