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Word Power Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Ocean Terms?

Any leaks in your vocabulary? Set sail with this quiz of ocean words and find out.

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Ocean Words - AphoticPhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #1: Aphotic

A: Without buoyancy
B: Relating to an ocean zone lacking light for photosynthesis
C: Dispersed throughout shallow waters

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Ocean words - dark underwater cavePhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: B—Relating to an ocean zone lacking light for photosynthesis

As in, “Once at sea, Rupa gazed down and dreamed of exploring the aphotic darkness below.”

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Ocean Words - SeagirtPhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #2: Seagirt

A: Surrounded by the sea
B: In flight above the ocean
C: Powered by tidal energy

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Ocean words - UK on mapPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Surrounded by the sea

As in, “Despite its historic connections with Europe, England was always a seagirt nation, set apart from the continent.”

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Ocean Words - AtollPhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #3: Atoll

A: Ring-shaped coral region
B: Raised deep-water plateau
C: Strong ocean breeze

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Indian Ocean AtollPhoto: VVO /

Answer: A—Ring-shaped coral region

As in, “Far from desolate, the remote atoll was lush with tropical plant life.”

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Ocean Words - TsunamiPhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #4: Tsunami

A: Flightless seabird
B: Tidal wave
C: Area of warm tropical water

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Ocean words - tsunami wave crashingPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: B—Tidal wave

As in, “Abigail’s dive shop was obliterated by the tsunami.”

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Ocean Words - BreakerPhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #5: Breaker

A: Severe ocean storm
B: Shipwreck
C: Wave crashing into foam at the shore

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Ocean words - breaking wave on beachPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: C—Wave crashing into foam at the shore

As in, “While the adults relaxed on the beach, the kids frolicked in the breakers.”

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Ocean Words - ForeshorePhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #6: Foreshore

A: Shore area covered and uncovered by the tide
B: Ocean mooring
C: Exclamation at land sighting

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Ocean words - low tide in Cornwall portPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Shore area covered and uncovered by the tide

As in, “Antoine searched the foreshore for hermit crabs.”

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Ocean Words - BenthicPhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #7: Benthic

A: Relating to extreme water turbulence
B: Free of living organisms
C: Occurring in ocean depths

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Ocean words - deep sea creature on ocean floorPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: C—Occurring in ocean depths

As in, “Many benthic organisms are seldom seen by humans.”

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Ocean Words - FloePhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #8: Floe

A: Zone of nutrient-rich water
B: Strong current
C: Sheet of ice floating on the sea

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Ocean words - ice floes in AntarcticaPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: C—Sheet of ice floating on the sea

As in, “Gabriel carefully guided his vessel past the large floe on the starboard side.”

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Ocean Words - WelterPhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #9: Welter

A: Rise and fall with the waves
B: Sink
C: Erode

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Ocean words - rowing boat into crashing wavesPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Rise and fall with the waves

As in, “Niamh watched the raft welter in the choppy seas.”

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Ocean Words - ReefPhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #10: Reef

A: Ridge near the surface of the water
B: Crude wooden watercraft
C: Strong current hazardous to swimmers

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Ocean words - Great Barrier ReefPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Ridge near the surface of the water

As in, “Fred’s boat was just one of many that were wrecked on the reef.”

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Ocean Words - SalinityPhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #11: Salinity

A: Cloudiness
B: Saltiness
C: Acidity

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Ocean words - Dead Sea saltPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: B—Saltiness

As in, “The study revealed that higher ocean salinity is linked to a lower freezing temperature.”

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Ocean Words - NektonPhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #12: Nekton

A: Seaweed
B: Cold water at ocean floor
C: Animals that move freely in the ocean

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Ocean words - school of fish swimmingPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: C—Animals that move freely in the ocean

As in, “Ocean animal life can be broadly divided into plankton, the drifters, and nekton, the swimmers.”

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Ocean Words - FlotsamPhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #13: Flotsam

A: Shipwreck debris on the ocean surface
B: Narrow sandbars formed by ebb tide
C: Large waves caused by earth tremors

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Ocean words - shipwreck debris on beachPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Shipwreck debris on the ocean surface

As in, “Malene walked along the shore collecting flotsam left by the tide.”

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Ocean Words - WhelmPhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #14: Whelm

A: Engulf
B: Raise from seabed
C: Make seaworthy

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Ocean words - ship rolling in rough seasPhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Engulf

As in, “The enormous waves threatened to whelm Dyson’s lifeboat.”

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Ocean Words - Tidal BorePhoto: / Shutterstock

Ocean word #15: Tidal bore

A: Edge of a tide that pushes up a river
B: Underwater cavern excavated by tides
C: Tedium induced by watching the tide

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Ocean words - tidal borePhoto: Shutterstock

Answer: A—Edge of a tide that pushes up a river

As in, “A group gathered to watch the tidal bore race upriver against the current.”

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