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These Stories About Produce Will Make You Think Twice Next Time You’re at the Supermarket

Read these strange stories about fruits and vegetables and you’ll never look at a kiwi—or a zucchini—the same way again.

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Kiwi fruitsPhoto: Shutterstock

Produce Stories: Forbidden Fruit

On November 1, 2017, young shoppers at the ASDA Hulme Superstore in Manchester, U.K., had to show identification to purchase four things: prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco and…kiwi fruit. During a concert a few nights prior, singer Harry Styles had slipped onstage while performing a song that shares a name with the green-fleshed vine-berry; the furry-skinned fruit had been launched from the crowd below. Styles was unharmed (he held his mic stand for support). ASDA, the superstore’s parent company, didn’t want to endanger Styles, so to prevent a repeat attack at his show that night, security policed the sale of kiwis to anyone under 25.

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Produce Stories: Miracle Meal

In Corona, Calif., this past August, a daring dinnertime rescue gave way to a lovely friendship. Becky Garfinkel was partway through her spring-mix salad, purchased from Target, when she found a lifeless, dime-sized frog in her dish. Garfinkel watched agog as her husband gave one-finger chest compressions to the amphibian. The valiant effort succeeded—the frog was revived, and Garfinkel decided to keep him. For their trouble, the couple says they received a $5 Target gift card and a new pet, named “Lucky.”

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Zucchini vegetablesPhoto: Shutterstock

Produce Stories: Mistaken Identity

Last year, in Bretten, Germany, police investigated what one man thought was an undetonated weapon from the Second World War. They were right to be cautious: A few months earlier, a similar situation necessitated a 60,000-person evacuation in nearby Frankfurt. After closer examination, though, it was determined that the suspicious item wasn’t a bomb but a zucchini. (Check out these tasty zucchini recipes!) Investigators admitted that the offending squash did appear nefarious, but they concluded that a neighbour likely threw it over the elderly man’s fence. The toss has not, as of this writing, been declared an act of war.

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