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This After-School Program Challenges Toxic Guy Culture

Through basketball, Next Gen Men gets boys talking, both on and off the court. 

Princess Diana Had a Secret Backup Wedding Dress—But No One Knows Where It Is Now

Fashion experts agree that Lady Di’s wedding dress is iconic. Yet there was a chance she could have walked down...

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Can You Pass This Quiz of 4th Grade Science Questions?

Elementary school science is probably where you learned about how the natural world works. Take this quiz to see how...

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Can You Pass This Quiz of 4th Grade Spelling Words?

No peeking at a dictionary—or Google!

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12 Movies That Are Better Than the Books They Were Based On

You know what they say: the book is always better than the movie. But these films, ranging from classic comedies...

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Rarely Seen Photos of Prince William and Princess Diana

Prince William had such a special relationship with his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, that he has committed to being...

The Reason Diana Thought Harry Would Make a Better King Than William

Prince William has been set to inherit the British throne from birth, but Princess Diana thought her younger son would...

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19 Words You Never Realized Are the Same Backwards and Forwards

You'll never look at these words the same again.

Why William and Harry’s Last Phone Call with Princess Diana Still Haunts Them

The phone call they’ll regret for the rest of their lives.

What Princess Diana Could Have Lost If She Remarried

Princess Diana's divorce settlement had a lot of perks, but they may have only lasted for as long as she...

This is How Princess Diana Confronted Camilla About the Affair

Princess Diana knew about the affair Prince Charles had with Camilla Parker Bowles—and she told her husband's mistress exactly how...

How Prince Charles Hid His Affair from Princess Diana

Diana once famously said her marriage to Charles was "crowded" due to the presence of his mistress. But many more...

The Real Reason Suit Pockets Are Sewn Shut

We finally unravel the mystery behind the stitches.

10 Movies About Cooking That Will Inspire Your Inner Chef

Prepare your favourite gourmet treats and settle in with the flicks that celebrate the joys of cooking.

The True Story Behind Princess Diana’s Famous Dance with John Travolta

Although it made for some iconic images, it turns out John Travolta wasn't the dance partner Princess Diana had her...

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Princess Diana’s Most Inspiring Quotes

Princess Diana won the hearts of people around the world with her grace, compassion and generosity. We remember the Princess...

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15 Rarely Seen Photos of Prince Harry and Princess Diana

These informal, rarely-seen snapshots celebrate the most magical times Prince Harry spent with "the best mother ever," as he's referred...

This is Your Power Colour, According to Your Star Sign

Need a little boost? Tap the power of your star sign’s colour for some extra motivation, inspiration, and all-around good...

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This is What Really Happened Between Prince Charles and Princess Diana

Even 25 years after her death, Princess Diana’s voice is still resounding worldwide.

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What Kensington Palace Looked Like Right After Princess Diana’s Death

Mourners flocked to Kensington Palace from all over the world to pay their respects to the People's Princess.

This Is What Happened to the Only Survivor of Princess Diana’s Car Accident

It's a miracle that Trevor Rees-Jones made it out alive.

How Princess Diana Spent the Final Weeks of Her Life

Not quite a year after her divorce from Prince Charles was finalized, the last 12 weeks of Princess Diana's life...

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13 Times Princess Diana’s Body Language Told the Real Story

What's the one language in which lying is virtually impossible? Body language. And that's as true for a royal as...

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s Honeymoon

When most couples embark on their honeymoon, they're happy and in love. Sadly, Charles and Diana's honeymoon proved to be...

The Real Reason Maple Syrup Bottles Have Those Tiny Handles

Finally—a solution to this sticky mystery.