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15 Best Christmas Gifts for Kids

Find the perfect gifts for the good boys and girls on your Christmas list. These new games, books,...

Staying Alive: The Breakthrough that Lets Vegetative Patients Communicate With Us

As doctors fight for the final say, the latest neuroscience is redrawing the boundaries of life and death while revealing...

Resurrection: The Catholic Church’s New Era of Openness

After decades of child abuse scandals, a new generation of Catholic leaders has vowed to turn things around. Meet the...

The Watchlist: 10 Must-See September Films

Discover the best movies for all your needs this September with these ten movies opening across Canada.

The Olympic Noisemaker: Spokesperson Mark Tewksbury

The former gold medal swimmer uses his big voice to inspire and motivate this year's crop of Olympians. 

The Olympic Legacy: Fencer Philippe Beaudry

Fencer Philippe Beaudry's father missed out on Moscow when Canada boycotted the 1980 Games. Now his son is living out...

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Justice Delayed: The Exoneration of Joseph Salvati

Falsely implicated in a 1965 murder, Joseph Salvati spent 30 years in prison after being sentenced to life in prison...

The RD Reader Week 4: Vanishing People, Places and Pains

This week, three different dissapearing stories: a town being metled away by global warming, a troubled young man who vanished...

The Playlist: 10 Summer Tracks for an Unforgettable August

Find the fresh hits and timeless classics you need to enjoy the many musical moods of August.

The Watch List: 14 Must-See August Movies

Sylvester Stallone and company are back to lead off your August new film preview, along with a look at the...

Doctor’s Orders: One Dose of Bach Twice a Day

New science suggests musical therapy could be a drug-free solution to many common ailments. Can a listen a day really...

Cold Case: The Town that Melted Away

Above the Arctic Circle, global warming is washing a village into the sea. The incredible story of a tiny town's...

Without a Trace: The Mysterious Disappearance of Aju Iroaga

In 2006, a troubled engineering student vanished into the woods following a dispute with co-workers while tree-planting in Ontario. What...

The RD Reader Week 3: Grit, Survival and Separation

This week, two incredible stories of survival - from an axe attack to the head and a serial killer's rampage,...

The RD Reader Week 2: Love, Loss and Therapy

Dig in to this week's great story picks from the Reader's Digest archives: Commuting for love in the age of...

For Richer or Poorer: Commuting for Love in the Age of Recession

After the Great Recession cost them their jobs, many parents faced a heart-breaking reality: To feed their kids, they might...

The Fall and Rise of Tara Moore

After a horrific skydiving accident, doctors told Tara Moore she'd probably never walk again. Hard work and determination helped her...

5 Ultra-Modern Golf Gadgets

Gear-up and tame the course with sleek new innovations sure to drive your game into the 21st century.

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The Playlist: July’s Instant Music Classics

Bring on the summer mixtape with these sunny, sultry hits. 

The Watch List: 9 Must-See July Movies

Beat the heat with John Semley's grab bag of cool summer flicks. 

The Reading List: 13 Books to Enjoy in July

Freshen up your reading list with Emily Landau's scintillating summer book picks. 

Why Whales Are People Too

The science proves it, but are humans ready to see them as equals? Get ready for a new world order.

Taylor Kitsch – The Local Boy With Global Charm

With his Hollywood profile on the rise, B.C.'s homegrown hunk is out to prove he isn't just another chiseled action...

The Reading List: 11 Book Picks for June

Reading guru Emily Landau is back with 11 must-read books for you to add to your summer reading list.

The Reading List: 13 Book Picks for May

Looking to dig into some new books this month? Check out our reading guru Emily Landau's 13 best picks.

My Two Cents: What does Canada need to be the Happiest Country in the World?

The first ever World Happiness Report was recently published and Canada is ranked fifth on the happiness scale.

Politics 2.0 – Naheed Nenshi and the Power of Social Engagement

How a number-crunching tweet machine became Calgary's mayor, and why his down-home leadership is transforming municipal politics.

Most Trusted Canadians – 2012 Trust Poll Results

From Stephen Harper to Michael J. Fox, find out who Canadians trust the most (and least), and why.

True Stories: An Ordinary Thief

Melissa Morgan is a suburban mom and policeman's wife, who lives in a four-bedroom home. She is also a compulsive...