Podcast: Who is Justin Trudeau?

Writer Philip Preville discusses his April cover story, Justin: The Second Coming of Trudeau.

Podcast: Who is Justin Trudeau?

41 year-old Justin Trudeau is running for the Liberal Party of Canada’s leadership, determined to reinvigorate the flagging, once unstoppable political machine his famous father headed as Prime Minister.

After shadowing Justin for 36 hours, Philip Preville recently spoke with Senior Editor Carmine Starnino about witnessing the new Trudeaumania on the campaign trail, whether Justin can overcome his inexperience, and just who the man behind the name really is.

Listen to Episode 1 of the Reader’s Digest Canada podcast below, or right-click to download here. (16:26, 15.1 MB)

(Photo: Waldy Martens Photography)

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