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20+ Rarely Seen Photos of the British Royal Family Through the Years

In 1857, Queen Victoria posed for the first royal photo ever, and the world promptly fell in love with photographing royals. Here are some of the more memorable, yet less widely seen, photos of the royal family throughout the years.

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Queen VictoriaPhoto: Historia/REX/Shutterstock

The Queen (and her prince) near the end of the Victorian age

Here is Queen Victoria towards the end of her life (mid-1890s), seated at her desk, with a photograph of her beloved late husband, Prince Albert, who’d died in 1861. Victoria was quite sentimental about Albert, as well as about her beloved dog, Dash.

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King Edward VII and his three childrenPhoto: Historia/REX/Shutterstock

Edward VII before he became King

The next in line for the throne after Queen Victoria was her eldest son, born Albert Edward, who was nicknamed “Bertie.” He’s seen here in 1841, as a young man, with his wife, Princess Alexandra, and three of their six children: Princess Mary, Prince Albert Victor, and Prince George, who would later become King George V. Despite being the next in line for the throne, Bertie spent his pre-king years as a bit of a party-boy, much to his parents’ chagrin.

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King George VPhoto: Historia/REX/Shutterstock

George V, the Prince Harry of his time

King George V, pictured here around 1885, when he would have been 20 and was still Prince George, was the second-born son of King Edward VII, making George the “Prince Harry” of his time. Like Harry, George grew up having no expectation of becoming king. Fate had different plans, however.

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Prince George and Prince Edward "Albert"Photo: Historia/REX/Shutterstock

George V, with his older brother, Albert Victor

Sadly, George V’s older brother, Albert Victor (the “Prince William” of his time), died in 1892 at the age of 28 after a sudden and brief illness. So when Edward VII ascended to the throne in 1901, George was the next in line and was crowned king in 1910 upon his father’s death. In this photo, the brothers are still young boys.

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British royal familyPhoto: Historia/REX/Shutterstock

George V’s kids, including two future kings

The four eldest of King George V and his wife, Mary of Teck (known as Queen Mary) six children include David (usually known as “Edward,”) George V’s first-born son, who later became King Edward VIII in 1936 and then abdicated after only one year in order to marry American divorcée, Wallis Simpson, Albert (second-born son, who became King George VI after Edward VIII abdicated, and father of Queen Elizabeth II) Princess Mary, and Prince Henry.

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Queen VictoriaPhoto: Universal History Archive/REX/Shutterstock

Future (and now former) King Edward VIII, with his great-grandmum, Victoria

Here, Queen Victoria poses with her two-year-old great-grandson, Prince Edward. As a result of the death of his uncle, Albert Victor, in 1892, the little boy beside Queen Victoria, stood third in line to the throne (after his grandfather, Edward VII, and his father, George V).

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Wallis SimpsonPhoto: Historia/REX/Shutterstock

Wallis Simpson, before she became the Duchess of Windsor

Wallis Simpson, the woman for whom King Edward VIII would abdicate the throne in 1936, just a year after ascending, is pictured here in 1928 when she was still married to her first husband, Naval Commander E. Winfield Spencer. She left her second husband, Ernest Simpson, to marry Edward, who had to renounce the throne in order to marry the twice-divorced American woman.

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Queen Elizabeth II as a baby with her parentsPhoto: Historia/REX/Shutterstock

Baby Queen Elizabeth II with her parents

On Queen Elizabeth II’s christening day in 1926, there was no reason for her parents to suspect their baby, Princess Elizabeth, would ever become queen—as her uncle, Edward, was next in line for the throne. That changed a decade later when King Edward VIII abdicated, and Elizabeth’s father, Albert, became King George VI.

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Queen MotherPhoto: Robert Hunt Library/REX/Shutterstock

A big day for the future Queen Mum, the woman then known as the Duchess of York

This photo was taken on Dec. 10, 1936, in the aftermath of the breaking of the news that King Edward VIII had abdicated the throne. Suddenly, the Duchess of York (first name Elizabeth) was about to become the Queen Consort of her husband Albert, who would soon be styled as King George VI. And eventually, she would become the Queen Mother, since her daughter, Princess Elizabeth, was now the next in line to the throne.

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Young Queen Elizabeth IIPhoto: Historia/REX/Shutterstock

The future Queen riding her hobby horse

In this 1937 photo, Princess Elizabeth, who now knows that she will one day become Queen, plays on her hobby horse with her beloved younger sister, Princess Margaret Rose.

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Young Queen Elizabeth IIPhoto: Historia/REX/Shutterstock

A rare swimsuit photo of Elizabeth II

This photo of then-Princess Elizabeth in a “swimming costume” (as it’s called in England) was taken in 1938.

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