The RD Reader Week 1: Enslavement, Escape and Self-Healing

Enjoy this week’s longreads story selection from the Reader’s Digest archives: The modern war on slavery, a daunting escape from communism and an inspiring recovery from a near-death accident.

The RD Reader Week 1: Enslavement, Escape and Self-Healing

(Photo: Tim Tadder)

Quickie news updates, cheat sheets and Tweets dominate modern life, but sometimes you just want to stop, put your feet up and read something substantial. That’s why we’ve dug into the Reader’s Digest archives to bring you the RD Reader, a weekly collection of some of our finest longer stories from across the globe. Sit back and immerse yourself in these captivating tales.

This week’s picks:

The Modern War on American Slavery

Tracy Cormier is on the front lines of an urgent battle. For many of the tortured victims, she is their only hope for freedom. The true story of how she helped shut down one of the largest human trafficking operations  in Los Angeles.

Escape from East Germany

Three siblings, trapped in communist Germany, risked their lives and took on the Berlin Wall one by one. The amazing story of how the crafty band of brothers escaped to freedom in the West.

The Fall and Rise of Tara Moore

After a horrific skydiving accident, doctors told Tara Moore she’d probably never walk again. Hard work and determination helped her heal her body and mind – and prove them wrong.

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