The RD Reader Week 5: Rescued by Love, Luck and a Lawyer

This week, dive in to three stories of rescue: by a loving girlfriend from a horrific accident, by luck from a dangerous medical condition and by a lawyer from 30 years of false imprisonment.

The RD Reader Week 5: Rescued by Love, Luck and a Lawyer

Quickie news updates, cheat sheets and Tweets dominate modern life, but sometimes you just want to stop, put your feet up and read something substantial. That’s why we’ve dug into the Reader’s Digest archives to bring you the RD Reader, a weekly collection of some of our finest longer stories from across the globe. Sit back and immerse yourself in these captivating tales.

This week’s picks:

True Stories: Saved by the Belle

When a college student smashed his head on a mountain rock in the middle of the wilderness, his chances of surviving were low. To save him, his girlfriend did the impossible

The Sick Reality of Canadian Healthcare

What does it take to get a clean bill of health in our two-tiered health-care system? Luc Bouchard found out first-hand why being a “patient” patient could be a life-threatening decision.

Justice Delayed: The Exoneration of Joseph Salvati

Falsely implicated in a 1965 murder, Joseph Salvati spent 30 years in prison after being sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole. He was innocent – and the FBI knew it all along.

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