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The Reading List: 4 Great Books for March

Round out your March reading list with these new book releases.

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The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha

Neil Pasricha has made it his mission to proselytize about looking on the bright side. The Toronto-based author crystallized his philosophy in 2010’s The Book of Awesome, a celebration of the little things that make life worth living. He’s expanded his upbeat empire since then, putting his ideology into practice with The Happiness Equation, which strives to teach readers how to “want nothing… and have everything.”

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Shylock Is My Name by Howard Jacobson

In this bold reimagining of The Merchant of Venice, novelist and Shakespeare scholar Jacobson uses the character of Shylock-presented in contrast with a modern-day foil-to explore ideas around Jewish identity.

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What’s Left Behind by Gail Bowen

For the past 25-plus years, the Saskatchewan mystery novelist has enthralled readers with the adventures of her sleuthing heroine, Joanne Kilbourn. In Bowen’s latest Kilbourn chronicle, What’s Left Behind, a wedding is the setting for a murder.

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The Coyote’s Bicycle by Kimball Taylor

This lyrical work of investigative journalism follows 7,000 black-market bikes that were smuggled across the border between Tijuana in Mexico and the United States-and the elusive underground figure who orchestrated the feat.

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