The Clever Way the Royals Sneak Out of Kensington Palace

It’s difficult to just slip out the door of Kensington Palace when it’s a crowded tourist attraction.

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How Royals Sneak Out of Kensington Palace

When your home is a major tourist attraction in London, it’s not so easy to just slip out the front door. People are always hoping to catch a glimpse of the royals when they visit Kensington Palace. So, to avoid getting caught up in shaking hands and taking pictures, the royals had to think of an alternative escape plan—instead of walking out the front door, they leave through the sky. (Here are eight London landmarks Princess Diana frequented.)

According to Hello! Magazine, the members of the royal family arrive at and depart from the palace on a helicopter. The helicopter lands on the grounds of Kensington Palace in Hyde Park, where armed police officers stand by and a chauffeured car is always waiting to take them to their home.

The grounds of the park are open to the public, so tourists are able to watch the royal family take off and land. There is a short fence, however, to keep commoners from getting too close.

So, if you’re ever in London and want to catch a glimpse of the royals, the place to be is Hyde Park, not the front of Kensington Palace. Or, keep an eye out for the chopper overhead!

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