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Trust Issues: Results of RD’s 2013 Trust Poll

The results of our 5th annual trust poll are in. Who do you trust?

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 The Best of The Best

The Best of The Best

Here are the most and least responsible, credible and all-right people, professions and institutions in the country as voted by you (or, more precisely, 2,020 of you). With help from our friends at Leger Marketing, we give you the somewhat bizarre but always revealing results of our annual trust poll.

*To conduct our Trust Poll we commissioned the independent research poll Leger Marketing to survey a representative sample of 2,020 Canadian adults. Respondents were presented with a list containing the names of 25 prominent Canadians and asked to rate each according to trustworthiness. They were then asked to select which personality they trusted the most, giving us our list of 20 most-trusted Canadians. The five names that roused the most suspicion among respondents are included in “The Worst of the Worst.”

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20. Justin Trudeau
There’s a lot riding on this Liberal leadership candidate to defend the legacy of his political party and family. Luckily, polls show Canadians are very much on board with Trudeau junior.

19. Don Cherry
Canadians love Don Cherry almost as much as they love hockey itself. The commentator, Hockey Night in Canada host and famously flamboyant dresser is synonymous with Canada’s national pastime.

18. Naomi Klein
The writer’s influential muckraking has garnered her friends and foes alike. From the Battle in Seattle to Keystone pipeline protests, she’s been at the front lines of social activism for almost 20 years.

17. Elizabeth May
Last June, the Green leader showed serious moxie by delaying passage of the Conservatives’ much-criticized 425-page omnibus budget bill during a 22-hour voting marathon in the House of Commons.

16. Chantal Hébert
The Quebec-born, Ontario-based pundit has earned the nation’s confidence with her at once courteous, astute, morally acute and witty approach to politics.

15. Craig Keilburger
Who says youth is wasted on the young? Founded when the philanthropist was 12, Free The Children is now a $25 million-a-year charity that operates in 45 countries.
(Photo: Vivien Killilea/Wireimage)

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14. Stuart McLean
One of the country’s most beloved storytellers, this author and radio host has been a staple in Canadian living rooms since 1994 as the host of CBC’s The Vinyl Café.

13. Stephen Lewis
He’s been helping women and children affected by HIV/AIDS since he founded The Stephen Lewis Foundation in 2003, earning him the Maclean’s Person of the Year award that same year.

12. Anna Maria Tremonti
Heard every morning since 2002 on CBC’s The Current, she brings a vivid, informed perspective to the day’s breaking stories and top issues.

11. Mark Carney
So he’s cashing out on us to take up with the Brits. As a parting gift, the Bank of Canada governor gave a speech insisting banks need to work harder to regain public trust. He’s so money.
(Photo: Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

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10. Rex Murphy
He understands Canadians because he checks in on them weekly on CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup. The outspoken journalist and author isn’t afraid to get a lively discussion going on everything from the Alberta oil sands to the Pope’s resignation.

9. Steve Nash
The big-hearted basketball player supports myriad causes, including building a youth centre committed to helping at-risk youth in northern Uganda.

8. David Johnston
He was appointed Canada’s Governor General in 2010, but he’s had a long academic career in policy and law, among others. When he makes a statement, he knows his stuff.

7. Margaret Atwood
She began writing at 6 and has published more than 50 volumes of poetry, children’s stories, science fiction, literary essays and novels. Her books have given us the temper of our times. Can over 390,000 Twitter followers be wrong?
(Photo: Geraunt Lewis/Getstock)

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6. Christopher Plummer

6. Christopher Plummer

A reformed ne’er-do-well, our finest icon of stage and screen (and adorably devoted husband to Elaine Taylor) has sung from mountaintops, claimed Oscar and charmed legions.

(Photo: Matt Sayles/CP)

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5. Rick Mercer

5. Rick Mercer

The pride of St. John’s, N.L. has built a career on the strength of his “streeters”- famous rants about everything from bullying to muzzling scientists. Better than anyone, Mercer expresses our collective outrage-with wit and, more often than not, with compassion.

Proof of Trust: Despite having a full staff of writers, he always creates the 90-second rant himself.

(Photo: George Pimentel/Wireimage)

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4. George Stroumboulopoulos

4. George Stroumboulopoulos

This fast-talking, motorcycle-riding vegan has a passion for social causes, including the U.N. World Food Programme. He’s earned kudos-and our confidence-with the whip-smart, mischievous style he’s cultivated on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight. This summer he’ll be heading south of the border to host a weekly primetime show on CNN.

Proof of Trust: Bagged exclusive interviews with Oprah during her recent three-city Canadian tour.

(Photo: Agence QMI)

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3. David Suzuki

3. David Suzuki

After joining The Nature of Things in 1979, he became Canada’s go-to eco-activist, widely respected for his accessible approach to scientific issues. His namesake foundation has been raising environmental awareness for more than two decades.

Proof of Trust: His 1976 textbook, An Introduction to Genetic Analysis, is still used all over the world.

(Photo: Gary Gershoff/Getty)

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2. Mike Holmes

2. Mike Holmes

During the time he’s been on our screens (nine years and counting, thanks to his reno-reality shows), the contractor-turned-TV star has exposed a vast catalogue of shoddy handiwork and shady business practices-all while wearing bib overalls.

Proof of Trust: First rewired his family home (under his father’s supervision) when he was a kid.

And the number one most trusted Canadian is…

(Photo: The Holmes Group)

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 1. Peter Mansbridge

1. Peter Mansbridge

In 1968, a 20-year-old baggage handler in Churchill, Man., subbed in at the mic to make flight announcements. Mansbridge’s honeyed baritone impressed a local CBC Radio manager, who recruited him on the spot. This month, he marks his 25th anniversary as anchor of The National. Television news viewership may be in decline, but the show’s audience is pulling in more than one million viewers nightly. “Most of the stuff that fills the Internet becomes irrelevant by end of day,” says Mansbridge. “People watch us to see major events reported in context.” Viewers also appreciate the Mansbridge Touch. He delivers the news without embellishment or manufactured urgency. And while he keeps his opinions to himself, his muted reactions- a hint of a smile, a slightly raised eyebrow-provide the perfect counterpoint to the Rex Murphys, Chantal Héberts, Andrew Coynes and other hyper-talkative pundits who surround him. We trust him because he plays it cool.

Lighting Round with Mansbridge:

How will you celebrate your 25th?
What’s the secret of your success?
I love my job.
Who do you trust most?
My family, my colleagues and my instincts.
And least?
The Leafs with a one-goal lead.

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 And, The Worst Of The Worst

And, The Worst Of The Worst

5. Kevin O’Leary

4. Thomas Mulcair

3. Stephen Harper

2. Rob Ford

1. Conrad Black

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