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The Watch List: 12 Movies to Catch in May

With the summer movie season just around the corner, here are 12 home video and theatre picks to keep you entertained in May.

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Into the Abyss (DVD and Blu-Ray)

Into the Abyss (DVD and Blu-Ray)

Werner Herzog’s latest documentary examines the lives of two Texas men convicted of a triple homicide. With one of the subjects on death row and the other serving a life sentence, Into the Abyss has gained a reputation as an issue film, but like much of Herzog’s best work, it’s a window into a world far stranger than fiction.

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Certified Copy (DVD and Blu-Ray)

Certified Copy (DVD and Blu-Ray)

An antiques dealer (Juliette Binoche) and a writer (William Shimell) amble through a Tuscan village discussing art. As the day unfolds, layers of the pair’s relationship emerge. Are they married? Divorced? Strangers? Director Abbas Kiarostami keeps the nature of their rapport tantalizingly vague, building a mystery without a solution.

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Being John Malkovich (DVD and Blu-Ray)

Being John Malkovich (DVD and Blu-Ray)

Spike Jonze’s heady sci-fi comedy arrives on shelves in a remastered, extras-loaded special edition, courtesy of the Criterion Collection. Thirteen years on, the film’s 9-to-5 wage slaves (John Cusack, Catherine Keener) and their portal into actor John Malkovich’s mind are no less weird-or wildly, giddily original.

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Social-Realist Tearjerker
The Kid With a Bike

The latest from Belgian masters Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne looks at the life of a young boy abandoned by his father, and whose only hope comes in the form of a beloved bicycle and a kindly hairdresser. Orchard Plaza 5 Cineplex, Kelowna, B.C., May 2.

Summer Blockbuster Kickoff
The Avengers

Geek god/director Joss Whedon takes on Marvel Comics’ mightiest heroes (Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and others) for this massively anticipated flick. The superhero-movie thing is a bit tired, but the creator of Buffy gets a pass. In theatres May 4.

Homemade Thriller
The Samaritan

This Canadian-made thriller stars Samuel L. Jackson as Foley, a grifter recently sprung from prison who’s trying to keep to the straight and narrow. Newcomer Luke Kirby co-stars as Jackson’s young protege. In theatres May 4.

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Heart-Wrenching Oscar Contender
In Darkness

This Polish-German-Canadian co-production heads underground to tell the based-on-a-true-story tale of a group of Polish Jews who fled into the sewers during the Nazi occupation. Ancaster Silvercity, Ancaster, Ont., May 7.

Social Work Case Study
Oranges and Sunshine

The debut film from Jim Loach-the son of acclaimed filmmaker Ken Loach-features Emily Watson as a British social worker sifting through a massive conspiracy to separate parents from their children. Orchard Plaza 5 Cineplex, Kelowna, B.C., May 9.

Lebanese Crowd-Pleaser
Where Do We Go Now?

The follow-up to Nadine Labaki’s wonderful Caramel analyzes the fallout of sectarian violence in a remote village, where women of different faiths band together to keep their men from fighting. In theatres May 11.

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Jailhouse Rock Doc
Music From the Big House

Director Bruce McDonald and Hamilton-born blues singer Rita Chiarelli go inside Louisiana’s infamous Angola Prison for a fascinating examination of music and redemption. Galaxy Theatre, Orangeville, Ont., May 7.

Post-War Romance
The Deep Blue Sea

Cast by Terence Davies in the role played by Vivien Leigh in 1955, Rachel Weisz is a woman deeply-and detrimentally-in love with an alcoholic Second World War pilot. Vernon Towne Theatre, Vernon, B.C., May 28.

Beauty-Queen Crime Caper
Miss Bala

This startling Mexican thriller follows a beauty pageant hopeful whose coronation is cut short when she’s caught in the crossfire between rival gangs. Empire Jackson Squire Cinema, Hamilton, Ont., May 30.