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What’s New on Netflix Canada, Amazon Prime Video and CraveTV: June 2018

We’re counting down the 10 must-see new releases on Netflix Canada, Amazon Prime Video and CraveTV this month.

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Cristiano Ronaldo with Real MadridPhoto: Amazon Prime Video

Real Madrid: Campo de estrellas

You’ll like it if you like: Cristiano Ronaldo and “The Beautiful Game”

Football fans around the globe will collectively rejoice when the 2018 FIFA World Cup begins on June 14. What better way to prepare for the world’s most-watched sporting event than by learning more about football’s most prestigious club? Campo de estrellas gives viewers an intimate look at the lives of Real Madrid’s most renowned players, from current superstars like Marcelo Vieira to past legends like Emilio Butragueño. Amazon Prime Video, June 1.

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Laurie Metcalf and Saoirse Ronan in "Lady Bird"Photo: Netflix Canada

Lady Bird

You’ll like it if you like: Coming-of-age comedies

Greta Gerwig’s Oscar-nominated solo directorial debut follows a too-brash-for-her-own-good teenager (Saoirse Ronan, in a career-defining performance) through her senior year of high school in Sacramento. A hilarious and moving portrait of adolescent soul-searching and mother-daughter relationships, Lady Bird is this generation’s answer to The Breakfast Club. You’ll never hear Dave Matthews Band’s “Crash Into Me” the same way again. Netflix Canada, June 3.

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Alex StrangelovePhoto: Netflix Canada

Alex Strangelove

You’ll like it if you like: Love, Simon

High school senior Alex Truelove is on a mission to lose his virginity. There’s just one problem: he begins to feel just as much attraction for a male acquaintance, Elliott, as he does for his girlfriend, Claire. By depicting a sincere and hilarious coming out story, Alex Strangelove breathes new life into one of Hollywood’s most tired genres: the teen sex comedy. Netflix Canada, June 8.

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Novelist Michael Peterson on trialPhoto: Netflix Canada

The Staircase

You’ll like it if you like: True crime documentaries

In December 2001, novelist Michael Peterson discovered his wife dead at the bottom of a staircase in their home. Did he push her, or did she fall? Aided by revealing behind-the-scenes footage, The Staircase examines every facet of Peterson’s notorious case, from his eight-year prison term to his release in 2011 and retrial in 2017. Netflix Canada, June 8.

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Lost in OzPhoto: Amazon Prime Video

Lost in Oz

You’ll like it if you like: The original Wizard of Oz

When Dorothy Gale finds a green notebook under the floorboards of her Kansas home, a tornado transports her and her dog Toto to the magical land of Oz. Set in a metropolitan Emerald City (instead of a Yellow Brick Road, it’s a Yellow Brick Line train system), Amazon’s Lost in Oz is a must-see reimagining of the classic L. Frank Baum story. Amazon Prime Video, June 8.

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Billy Bob Thornton in "Goliath"Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Goliath: Season Two

You’ll like it if you like: The Verdict

After winning a huge case in the first season, ambulance-chasing lawyer Billy McBride is pulled back into the courtroom when his friend’s 16-year-old son is arrested for a double homicide. Before long, what was supposed to be an open-and-shut-case becomes another version of the David and Goliath story. Created by David E. Kelley and starring Billy Bob Thornton as McBride, Goliath is television at its finest. Amazon Prime Video, June 15.

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Still from "Wrong Man" documentary seriesPhoto: CraveTV

Wrong Man

You’ll like it if you like: Making a Murderer

This documentary series from acclaimed filmmaker Joe Berlinger examines three inmates—Evaristo Salas, Christopher Tapp and Curtis Flowers—who continue to plead their innocence after decades of incarceration. With the help of a renowned team of investigators, forensic experts and attorneys, Wrong Man uncovers new theories, offers alternate suspects and reveals new evidence that could prove these inmates are actually not guilty. CraveTV, June 17.

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Australian comedian Hannah GadsbyPhoto: Netflix Canada

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

You’ll like it if you like: Confessional comedy

Hannah Gadsby is a legend in her native Australia, but virtually unknown in North America. That all changes with Nanette. Half stand-up routine, half confession, Gadsby tackles important issues about gender and sexuality with total irreverence. Netflix Canada, June 19.

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Star Wars: The Last JediPhoto: Netflix Canada

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

You’ll like it if you like: The Star Wars expanded universe

The eighth installment in the main Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi picks up where The Force Awakens left off: Rey (Daisy Ridley) develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), who is disturbed by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares for battle with the First Order. The Last Jedi is all the more memorable for containing Carrie Fisher’s final performance. Netflix Canada, June 26.

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What's new on Netflix CanadaPhoto: Netflix Canada

GLOW: Season Two

You’ll like it if you like: Professional wrestling and anything ’80s

Set in the 1980s, struggling L.A. actress Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie) gets a new chance at fame when she auditions for an up-and-coming professional wrestling promotion called the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW). Armed with leotards and leg warmers, backed by a rocking soundtrack, and filled with quick bursts of comedy and empowering messages, GLOW returns for its second season in style. Netflix Canada, June 29.

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