Word Power: Test Your Knowledge of “Truth” Terms

Distinguishing fact from fiction isn’t always easy. These words describe the many shades of truth and falsehood—and that’s no lie.

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Bona fide
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Bona fide

A: Faithful to the original version
B: Reliable source
C: Made with sincere intent

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Made with sincere intent
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Answer: C—Made with sincere intent

As in, “Although he was forced to break it, Martin’s promise had been bona fide.”

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Word Power test - Unproven
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A: Not shown to be not true
B: Not shown to be true
C: Shown not to be true

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Word Power test - Not shown to be true
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Answer: B—Not shown to be true

As in, “Some of the alleged health benefits of probiotics are so far unproven.”

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A: Overlook evidence
B: Make false, malicious statements about someone
C: Accept that something is unknown

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Make false, malicious statement about someone
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Answer: B—Make false, malicious statements about someone

As in, “The politician calum­niated her rival, accusing her of corruption.”

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Echo chamber
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Echo chamber

A: Environment where you encounter only opinions that match your own
B: Repeating a claim until you are believed
C: Effect where information tends to get distorted as it spreads

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Encounter only opinions that match your own
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Answer: A—Environment where you encounter only opinions that match your own

As in, “To transcend the echo chamber of his Facebook feed, Arun picked up a newspaper.”

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A: Refuse to change your mind
B: Reject a fact because it makes you feel bad
C: Challenge the truth or honesty of something

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Challenge the truth or honest of something
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Answer: C—Challenge the truth or honesty of something

As in, “The witness braced himself, knowing the defence lawyers would try to impugn his credibility.”

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Word Power test - Demagoguery
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A: Believing something because other people do
B: Separating facts from opinions
C: Using popular prejudices and dishonest claims to gain power

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Answer: C—Using popular prejudices and dishonest claims to gain power

As in, “Bruce stooped to demagoguery by unfairly blaming immigrants for the crime rate.”

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A: Add fictitious details to make a story more interesting
B: Pay someone to express a particular opinion
C: Assume a false identity

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Add fictitious details to make a story more interesting
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Answer: A—Add fictitious details to make a story more interesting

As in, “Pirouz got some laughs by embroidering an account of a family gathering.”

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Word Power test - Verisimilar
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A: Plagiarized
B: Having the appearance of truth
C: Untrue yet persuasive

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Word Power test - Having the appearance of truth
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Answer: B—Having the appearance of truth

As in, “Khuyen’s strength as a novelist was in writing verisimilar dialogue.”

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A: Outdated information
B: Belief that it’s possible to know the truth
C: Obvious truth that goes without saying

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Word power test - Obvious truth that goes without saying
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Answer: C—Obvious truth that goes without saying

As in, “Ana’s book rehashed the truism that kids learn from their parents’ example.”

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A: Bluff
B: Fact-check
C: Behave gullibly

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Answer: A—Bluff

As in, “The other poker players thought Kira was four-flushing when in fact she had a great hand.”

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Word power test - Taradiddle
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A: Misattributed quote
B: Pretentious nonsense
C: Intentionally confusing

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Word power test - Pretentious nonsense
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Answer: B—Pretentious nonsense

As in, “Hal thought his company’s ‘holistic framework for achieving disruptive innovation’ was taradiddle.”

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A: Not contradicting the known facts
B: Claimed by multiple sources
C: Logical and convincing

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Logical and convincing
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Answer: C—Logical and convincing

As in, “Rhiannon made a cogent case for a safe-injection site.”

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Gish Gallop
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Gish Gallop

A: Spread a rumour
B: Bombard an opponent with weak arguments
C: Get something wrong because you researched it hastily

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Bombard an opponent with weak arguments
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Answer: B—Bombard an opponent with weak arguments

As in, “Gish galloping is dishonest, but it still wins debates.”

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Word Power test - Verifiable
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A: Undeniable
B: Able to be checked
C: Sworn under oath

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Word Power test - Able to be checked
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Answer: B—Able to be checked

As in, “If you doubt the river is polluted, go see for yourself,” maintained the ecologist. “It’s a verifiable fact.”

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Word power test - Malinger


A: Treat with bogus medicine
B: Pretend to be sick to avoid work
C: Leave undetermined

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Pretend to be sick to avoid work
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Answer: B—Pretend to be sick to avoid work

As in, “Sasha spent the day malingering and watching his favourite show’s new season.”

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