Rediscovering the Joys of Nature All Over Again

Find out how Tracey’s life has changed after cataract surgery.

Tracey, a semi-retired school teacherPhoto: Alcon

It’s one thing to talk to your eye care professional about all of the ways your vision will improve after cataract surgery, but it’s another thing to hear directly from a patient on how their life has since changed.

Tracey is a semi-retired school teacher and resident of Lake Cowichan, a town located outside of Victoria, B.C., who recently had cataract surgery in August of 2018.

Before opting for surgery, Tracey’s vision was troubling her so much that she couldn’t drive at night. She found it difficult to enjoy common everyday activities like using the computer. So, Tracey, along with her ophthalmologist, chose to have the Alcon PanOptix® Trifocal IOL implanted during her cataract surgery and considers it a turning point in her life.

Now, months later, she’s very pleased with her decision and says she “cannot recommend the procedure more.”

“My whole outlook about what I can do and who I am has totally changed as a result of this surgery,” says Tracey.

With her new lenses, Tracey says that she’s been reawakened to the world of natural beauty. Whether it’s watching birds during the day or star gazing at night, Tracey adds that she’s always loved observing the colour, shapes and textures of nature, and hadn’t realized how much she was missing until she opted for cataract surgery and received a Alcon PanOptix® Trifocal IOL.

“I was living in a narrow world of muted colour and indistinct shape, and now it’s like BOOM!” says Tracey. “The intensity of the colours, they’re just more vibrant.”

To hear more about Tracey’s new look on the world around her, thanks to the Alcon PanOptix® trifocal IOL, check out the video below.

Tracey, a semi-retired school teacherPhoto: Alcon

If Tracey’s story resonates with you, it might be time to talk to your eye care professional about cataract surgery and which IOL is right for you.

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