Cooking Tips

Want to take your culinary skills to the next level? These cooking hacks will save you time, money and effort in the kitchen.

The Best Apples for Apple Pie

Some apples are good for snacking, and others are better suited for baking. These are the best apples for apple pie (and other apple-packed bakes).

Can You Freeze Milk? Yes, and Here’s How

Don't waste another drop of dairy. We'll walk you through our best tips for how to freeze milk.

The Ultimate Tips for Cooking Fish Perfectly

Planning on making fish for dinner? Learn what not to do before you start cooking.

This is the Best Way to Store Ice Cubes

Never chisel ice cubes apart again. Use this tool to keep those little guys loose.

This Trick For Peeling Potatoes is Taking Over the Internet

Gone are the days of spending tons of time peeling a bag of potatoes.

6 Foods You Should Never Reheat in a Microwave

Certain foods can become downright toxic when reheated in the microwave—here's what you need to know.

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20+ Surprising Things You Wouldn’t Think to Grill—But Should

Grilled watermelon? Who knew! Spice up your next barbecue by tossing something unexpected—unexpectedly delicious, that is—on the grill.

You Can *Finally* Buy Equal-Sized Packs of Hot Dogs and Buns

For years, we've fumed over the fact that hot dogs are sold in packs of 10, while buns are sold...

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50 Fruity Summer Desserts That Are Easier Than Pie

Sun-kissed berries, puckery lemons and limes, tangy rhubarb and chin-drippin' peaches shine in our easiest, breeziest summer fruit dessert recipes.

If You See Spots or Bumps on Your Eggs, This Is What It Means

We’re here to crack the code for you before you crack your next egg.

The Best Way to Dice an Onion Without a Knife

It's true! You can dice an onion perfectly without a knife.

20+ Easy Weeknight Dinners for Summer

These simple, summer weeknight dinners are perfect for busy days.

20+ Summer Drinks That Will Cool You Down

It's finally starting to feel like summer! We found cool drinks that will really hit the spot on a hot...

A 7-Day Meal Plan Using Summer Produce

Think seasonally! Plan meals around fresh produce, like strawberries, green beans, zucchini and cucumbers.

Simple Meal Ideas With 5 Ingredients (or Less!)

Dinner doesn't have to be a hassle. With just five ingredients you can put these simple meal ideas together and...

20+ Refreshing Ice Pops to Make This Summer

Say hello to homemade treats! From fresh fruit to decadent chocolate, your freezer will be popping with these sweet ice...

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10+ Sweet and Tart Rhubarb Dessert Recipes

You know summer is around the corner when the rhubarb is ready to harvest. What better way to put a...

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12 Fresh Foods You Should Never Store Together

Your cart is full of produce, but days later it's wilted and sad. Here's how to store, herbs, fruit, and...

How to Make Paper Bag Apple Pie—and Why You Should

This simple trick is a game-changer for making perfectly golden, tender fruit pies.

This Viral Video Shows You How to Whisk the Right Way

Why didn't anyone tell me I was doing it wrong?!

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Professional Chefs Reveal Their Best-Ever Grilling Tips

Summertime and the cooking is easy! Just follow these surefire tips to flame-broiled heaven.

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10 Mistakes You Might Be Making with Eggs

We love eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But is your scramble a bit watery? Is your sunny side down?...

This Simple Trick Will Make Your Store-Bought Frosting Taste Homemade

Don't have time to make frosting from scratch? Here's a quick trick to make store-bought frosting better.

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10+ Delicious Dinners That Cook in 10 Minutes (or Less!)

Short on time? Don’t reach for the takeout menu. Instead, try one of our speedy suppers that can be on...

10+ Frozen Drinks That Are Perfect for a Hot Day

When it's hot out, cool down with a frozen drink. Grab the blender, some ice and go to work on...

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What to Do With Leftover Egg Whites

Ever wondered what to do with all that egg white after you've separated the yolk? Signe Langford, professional cook and...

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The Ultimate Mediterranean Meal Plan

Heard about the Mediterranean diet but not sure what it entails? Follow this easy week-long meal plan that covers your...

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10+ Thrifty Meals From Grandma’s Recipe Book

In the kitchen, our grandmothers always managed to find thrifty ways to stretch the family’s food budget. These hearty recipes...

7 Different Meals To Make With One Pot of Spaghetti Sauce

Who said spaghetti sauce was just for pasta? Here's how to use it for everything from crispy orange chicken to...