Cooking Tips

40 Kitchen Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

These quick and clever kitchen hacks will change how you cook for the better.

Here’s How to Decorate a Cake Like a Pro

Once you learn how to decorate a cake, you'll be whipping up gorgeous celebration-worthy treats in no time. We'll show...

Can You Freeze Milk? Yes, and Here’s How

Don't waste another drop of dairy. We'll walk you through our best tips for how to freeze milk.

20+ Starbucks Copycat Recipes

Try our versions of the ubiquitous coffee chain's most popular drinks and eats with our Starbucks copycat recipes.

A 7-Day Meal Plan That Keeps It Simple

Dinner doesn't have to be complicated. Make a protein or vegetarian main, like these, and a simple side. Try a...

Here’s the Right Way to Put Aluminum Foil in a Baking Pan

This no-fuss foil trick will leave all of your recipes looking as good as they taste.

This Genius Trick Will Make Your Store-Bought Frosting Taste Homemade

Don't have time to make frosting from scratch? Here's a quick trick to make store-bought frosting better.

30 of Grandma’s Best Easter Recipes

Grandma’s traditional Easter dinner menu is definitely worth repeating year after year. Are these classic Easter recipes on your menu?

A 7-Day Meal Plan Using Easter Leftovers

Put those Easter dinner leftovers to good use by turning them into weeknight meals throughout the week.

A 7-Day Meal Plan Using Canned Food

Canned goods are a great starting point for countless meals, including these. Each of this week's dinners relies on canned...

Eggs Benedict: 3 Canadian Takes on a Brunch Classic

Three of Canada's top chefs present their own unique takes on everyone's favourite brunch recipe.

20+ Olive Garden Copycat Recipes

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20 Cakes to Make When Your Cupboards Are Bare

Craving cake but don't have a lot in the pantry? No problem! These easy cake recipes can be made with...

A 7-Day Meal Plan Using Slow Cooker Pot Roast

Start the week by preparing a delicious (and easy!) slow cooker pot roast. Then, turn the leftovers into multiple weeknight...

IKEA’s New Cookbook Puts Kitchen Scraps to Good Use—Take a Sneak Peek

To combat food waste, IKEA Canada has collaborated with 10 North American chefs on a new cookbook featuring tasty recipes...

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60+ 3-Ingredient Recipes That Don’t Require a Trip to the Store

These simple 3-ingredient recipes come together in a snap! (Note: We didn't include basics like salt, pepper and oil into...

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30+ Pantry Essentials With a Long Shelf Life

Long shelf life foods are pantry staples. Keep these on hand for years (or even decades!).

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35 Easy Bread Recipes Anyone Can Bake

Intimidated by homemade bread? Don't be! These easy bread recipes are perfect for beginners!

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Word Power: Test Your Knowledge of Cooking Terms

If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. But don’t shy away from this month’s quiz on...

10 Delicious Pie Recipes For Pi Day

These top-rated pie recipes from the Taste of Home Test Kitchen are perfect for celebrating Pi Day—or any ordinary day,...

How to Tie a Bread Bag—Without a Bread Clip

You don't need that pesky bread clip!

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Lemons, berries and rhubarb—take a bite of spring with these dreamy cheesecake recipes!

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There's no need for kneading with banana bread.

A 7-Day Quick-Prep Meal Plan for the Week

Being strapped for time doesn't mean the drive-thru is the only dinner option. Try these easy dinners prepped in 15...

You’ve Been Microwaving Your Food the Wrong Way—Here’s What to Do Instead

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