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11 Delicious New Vegetable Recipes

Fed up with the same old vegetable recipes? Discover less-common, flavourful and healthy vegetables with these 11 delicious new recipes.

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1. Mustard-Glazed Brussels Sprouts & New Potatoes

Brussel sprouts are best described as bite-size cabbages. Packed full of nutrients, they’re also a delicious side dish when properly cooked.

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2. Rigatoni with Broccoli Rabe, Cherry Tomatoes & Roasted Garlic

Also known as rapini, rape, or broccoletti, this slightly bitter, peppery, but ultra-yummy vegetable has no relationship at all to broccoli, other than that they share a similar green colour.

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3. Fennel and Shrimp Bisque

Fennel, with its licorice-like flavour, may be the only vegetable that has a candy-like taste. But this bulbous veggie is absolutely packed with vitamins, and can be used lots of creative ways, like in this delicious bisque.

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4. Stir-Fried Ginger Pork with Bok Choy & Garlic

Bok choy is form of cabbage that is at the heart of Chinese cuisine. It has long, white stems topped with deep green leaves; both parts are delicious! Enjoy it in this tasty stir-fry.

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5. Crab Gumbo

Okra is a healthy hot-weather vegetable that resembles small peppers. Known for its sticky interior, okra is wonderful in stews, gumbos, or breaded and fried.

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6. Salmon with Kale

Kale is a cooking green: one of a bunch of veggies that in raw form, are large and tough leaves, but when chopped up and then boiled or sauteed, turn into a tender and tasty treat. Taste its flavour with this healthy salmon dish.

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7. Whole Baked Cauliflower with Yogurt-Chive Sauce

Like broccoli, cabbage, and other cruciferous vegetables, cauliflower is a power vegetable, full of cancer-fighting phytochemicals and other key nutrients. Enjoy it in this baked side-dish with the tastes of mustard, chives, and oregano.

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8. Carrot & Parsnip Puree

Parsnips are root vegetables that make a delicious stand-in for potatoes. They are delicious roasted, or added to soups, or pureed with other ingredients. Parsnips also are health powerhouses, full of minerals and nutrients important to bones and metabolism.

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9. Avocado, Jicama, and Orange Salad

In its raw form, jicama is unattractive: it’s like an overgrown, extra-hard potato. But this Mexican root vegetable is actually quite juicy, tasty, sweet, and fun to eat. Just peel off the root’s exterior and slice up the inside. Jicama is often served raw in vegetables, like in this easy salad.

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10. Watercress, Cheddar and Tomato Omelet

Watercress is one of the world’s oldest leaf vegetables. This aquatic, fast-growing veggie is tender, tangy, and incredibly healthy. Try it as part of this breakfast omelet.

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11. Beet-Berry Smoothie

According to psychologists, food appeals to us through our eyes as well as our palates. That alone should make beets everyone’s favourite veggie. But since it isn’t, try this beautifully coloured vegetable as part of healthy smoothie.

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