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3 Pranktastic Recipes for April Fool’s Day

Psst—that’s not carrot cake… It’s meat-loaf! These three April Fool’s Day recipes will trick—and treat—your family and friends.

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Meat-Loaf CakePhoto: Tango Photographie

Meat-Loaf Cake

Scrumptious cake or scrumptious meat loaf? Slice it to find out and surprise your guests this April Fool’s Day or have it on the table any other time of year for a great conversation piece.

Click here to get the recipe to make your own meat-loaf cake.

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Mushroom-Soup Milkshake

Mushroom-Soup Milkshake

Soup or milkshake? They won’t know until they try it with this tricky take on soup presentation.

Get the recipe to make the mushroom-soup milkshake here.

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Fruity Sushi

Fruity Sushi

Surprise the kids with this tricky treat in their lunch box this April Fool’s Day. They won’t wrinkle up their nose when they realize the tasty ingredients that make up this fruity sushi.

Get the recipe to make fruity sushi here.