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4 Different Rice Dishes

Rice is a versatile grain found in the diets of countless cultures around the world. For much of the world-especially in Asia and the Mediterranean, rice is the foundation of a healthy diet. It can be made into a Spanish paella, wrapped around sushi or served as a Southeast Asian biryani. Here are four easy, healthy rice dishes to make for your next meal.

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Mixed-Brown-Rice Pilaf With Nuts and Dried Fruit

Nuts contain fat. So rather than trying to eat them in small quantities on their own (very difficult to resist!), add them to recipes to add great taste and texture. This recipe is great for a side dish or vegetarian main course. Try using whichever nuts and dried fruit you like best.

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Rice with Shrimp and Dill Dressing

In this omega-3 fatty acid-loaded salad, quickly seared tiger shrimp are served on a mixture of aromatic basmati and wild rice, crunchy broccoli, snow peas and yellow pepper tossed in a fresh dill and lime juice dressing.

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Browned Basmati Rice with Koftas

Craving something exotic? Try adding koftas to browned Basmati rice.

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Creamy Wild-Rice Pudding With Maple Syrup

Creamy rice pudding is comfort food for many people. This version, with brown and wild rice, is a delicious whole-grain twist. If you’re using dried cranberries, cover with boiling water for five minutes and drain well before adding them to the pudding.