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5 Back-to-School Meals for Kids

School is sneaking up on us again and it’s time to think of healthy and delicious meal ideas to serve your children throughout the day.

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child eatng lunch at school

It’s important for children to eat hearty meals everyday.

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1. Breakfast on Schooldays

As an extra calcium boost, serve a separate glass of milk (or a smoothie) in addition to the milk poured over breakfast cereal. Encourage fruit at breakfast too – a glass of diluted fruit juice or fresh fruit sliced on the cereal helps to absorb calcium easily.

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2. Snacks for School

Pack a lot of yoghurt with a small snack such as a wholemeal roll or bagel with cheese.

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3. Lunch at School

Cold pizza slice with extra cheese sneaks in more calcium, and scatter vitamin-rich vegetables on top; includes boxes of salads or some raw vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks or cucumber slices. Finish with a chocolate biscuit and fresh fruit.

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4. After-School Snacks

Deliver extra milk in the form of “treats” such as milkshakes, smoothies or hot chocolate, depending on the weather.

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5. Dinner for Kids

Base meals on pasts or rice or potatoes. Serve meat or fish with stir-fried vegetables or in a meat sauce such as Bolognese (simmered with extra vegetables). It’s important for children to eat healthy and hearty meals at dinner to be ready and alert for school the next day.