5 Great Soup Recipes

Get your soup on with these 5 easy, delicious soup recipes. From hot, hearty soups to chilled summer options, there’s something for everyone.

5 Great Soup Recipes

Lentil and Barley Soup

Lentil and barley soup is a simple, classic recipe. This version is sharpened with the addition of Parmesan and goat cheese.

Potato Soup with Swiss Cheese

This is a hearty soup that can even double as a meal. It’s rich and creamy with delicious mashed potatoes.

Simple & Satisfying Vegetable Soup

This lovely medley of vegetables in a chicken broth is perfect to warm you up.

Cold Carrot and Orange Soup

A perfect summer soup, this dish gets its enticing colour from carrots and oranges. Try it as a side or appetizer at any outdoor function.

Creamy Cucumber Soup with Shrimp

This is a delicious chilled soup, great for any hot evening. The combination of shrimp, cucumber, and fresh mint is heavenly.

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