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5 Healthy Picnic Snacks

Organize the perfect picnic this year with these easy-to-prepare and easy to pack snacks and drinks.

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Croissant Sandwich

Whip up this tasty sandwich in no time and pack it with you for a perfect summer picnic meal that’s both healthy and hearty.

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Picnic Salad Recipe

Nothing is as refreshing as a tasty, crispy salad on a hot summer day. Try this recipe and store the salad in a tupperware for easy transport.

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Avocado Banana Bread

For a healthy and filling snack, bring along some homemade, mess-free avocado banana bread.

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Green Iced Tea

Stay cool and enjoy your picnic longer by packing some refreshing and surprisingly healthy iced tea with you.

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Apple and Cinnamon Tartlets

Prepare these tartlets the day before your picnic and pack them with you the next day to enjoy a delectable dessert. The perfect end to the perfect picnic.