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A 7-Day Meal Plan Using Spaghetti Sauce

Simmer a big pot of this meatless spaghetti sauce on Monday. Serve it over pasta, then use it in these other dinners from Tuesday through Sunday. The best news is that they're not all pasta recipes!

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Monday: Homemade Meatless Spaghetti Sauce

When my tomatoes ripen, the first things I make are BLTs and this homemade spaghetti sauce. —Sondra Bergy, Lowell, Michigan

Get the recipe for Homemade Meatless Spaghetti Sauce.

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Tuesday: Sheet-Pan Chicken Parmesan

“Saucy chicken, melty mozzarella and crisp-tender broccoli—all in one pan. What could be better?” —Becky Hardin, St. Peters, Missouri

Get the recipe for Sheet-Pan Chicken Parmesan.

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Wednesday: Lasagna Toss

“This easy skillet dish tastes just like lasagna without all the layering prep work. It’s perfect for busy weeknights!” —Sharon Martin, Denver, Pennsylvania

Get the recipe for Lasagna Toss.

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Wednesday: String Cheese Meat Loaf

Thursday: String Cheese Meat Loaf

“My daughter likes the cheese stuffed into this tasty meat loaf made with a blend of ground beef and Italian sausage. Served with a salad and sourdough bread, the meal is special enough for company.” —Laura Lawrence, Salinas, California

Get the recipe for String Cheese Meat Loaf.

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Friday: Pizza Ring

“Mom made a ring with chicken and broccoli one night. I said I’d rather have pizza. That’s how this recipe was born!” —Tricia Richardson, Springdale, Arkansas

Get the recipe for Pizza Ring.

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Saturday: Grilled Tilapia Piccata

“We aren’t big fish eaters, but a friend made this for us, and we couldn’t believe how wonderful it was! Now we eat it regularly. I love making it for guests because it’s simple, looks lovely and tastes restaurant-worthy.” —Beth Cooper, Columbus, Ohio

Get the recipe for Grilled Tilapia Piccata.

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Sunday: Crispy Orange Chicken

“We enjoy these tangy nuggets so many ways—over noodles or rice, in sandwiches, even on top of lettuce and cabbage.” —Darlene Brenden, Salem, Oregon

Get the recipe for Crispy Orange Chicken.

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