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7 New Canadian Beers for Football Season

What better way to celebrate the Super Bowl  than by trying out Canada’s top new beers? Whether you’re strapping on cleats or prepping the man-cave for a weekend of football debauchery, we’ve got the latest and greatest beers you absolutely have to try.

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1. Rickard's Cardigan

1. Rickard’s Cardigan

Providing a pumpkin pie-flavoured punt to your taste buds, Rickard’s Cardigan is quite unlike anything else out there, and a definite conversation starter at any pigskin pig-out. While retaining the traditionally bold flavour of Rickard’s Red, the Cardigan infuses nutmeg, cinnamon and clove for an intoxicating concoction your mouth won’t forget.

Why You Should Drink It: Cardigan is a strange beer for sure, but in all the right ways. It’s kind of like that random guy who shows up to the party, and starts chatting up your friends. You’re all like, “Hey bro, I don’t know you. You’re kind of weird.” But before you know it, you and Cardigan are playing air hockey and making plans to watch the game. True story.

Goes Great With: Roasted Sweet Potato Fries, Rib Roast with Roasted Garlic

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2. Granville Island Brewers Lions Winter Ale

2. Granville Island Brewers Lions Winter Ale

The leaves are changing colour, the air is crisp, and soon we’ll be on the cusp of winter’s first delicate snowfall. Time to get your drink on and watch football!

Delicious to the last drop, this enchanting vanilla and caramel flavoured ale from the West coast’s premiere beer maker, Granville Island Brewers, makes winter an excuse to drink sweet, sweet beer. Not that you’ve ever needed an excuse, have you?

Why You Should Drink It: They say that weather-appropriate attire and staying active will help you stay warm in the winter. We say drinking this beer is the real secret. It has winter in its name, and has magical beer ingredients from Elven land to heat up your body. It’s the official beer of Santa Claus and The North Pole ™, and we all know he never lies.

Goes Great With: New England Clam Chowder

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3. Alexander Keith's Original Cider

3. Alexander Keith’s Original Cider

Though technically not a beer, Canadian beer’s East Coast King Daddy, Alexander Keith, came to play, and he’s packing a mean and refreshing apple cider. With just the right balance of sweet and tart, it’s like a delicate ballet of fruity deliciousness, dancing around in your mouth. When will it end? Who knows! Ahhh.

Why You Should Drink It: An apple a day keeps the doctor away, so drinking these will make you invincible, probably. Also, if you’re afraid of looking silly drinking cider at a Grey Cup party, we have a plan. Tell people Alexander Keith is your dad, and he said you couldn’t go out if you didn’t drink his cider. He stayed up all night making it, and it’s kind of awesome. Then serve it over some ice. Guess who just became the belle of the ball?

Goes Great With: Grilled Squid With Goat Cheese Stuffing

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4. Shock Top Belgian White

4. Shock Top Belgian White

This yankee coppertopped beer may not be Canadian, but you won’t have a problem letting it tag along to your next football bash. It’s like somebody slipped this golden-hued white beer a mickey full of crazy orange flavour, then let it go to prom on your tongue. With slight hints of lime, lemon and coriander, Shock Top will probably be the most interesting beer you try this year. Actually, it’s probably way more interesting than you’ll ever be.

Why You Should Drink It: At 5.2 per cent alcohol content, Shock Top’s name is pretty accurate. This is a potent beer. Think you can handle it? Prove it! Drink some then tell your friends in great detail why your team is better than theirs. That always goes well.

Goes Great With: Wings and Drumsticks in BBQ Sauce

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5. Wellington Imperial Russian Stout

5. Wellington Imperial Russian Stout

Somebody just declared a Cold War on your mouth, and this Canadian-made Russian stout packs an Ivan Drago-sized punch! Infused with a rich, full-bodied taste that combines delectable hints of chocolate and coffee, this Russian invasion will make you renounce your citizenship just to keep the good times rolling with your comrades.

Why You Should Drink It: Another heavy hitter, this Russian Stout has 8 per cent alcohol content (most beers have around 5). But hey, this is football, right? Things get rough. Having one of these will probably make you strong like bull. Time to try out for the CFL? Definitely.

Hot Tip: don’t play football after drinking this.

Goes Great With: Chocolate Bourbon Balls

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6. BNL (Barenaked Ladies) Strong Beer

6. BNL (Barenaked Ladies) Strong Beer

One thing we know is musicians and beer go hand-in-hand, so it’s really about time that a brewer (in this case Flying Monkeys) got their act together. Designed with the help of Canada’s Barenaked Ladies, this rich, fudge-like chocolate stout is the beverage equivalent of an eight-week, groupie-packed rock tour. Yes, your tongue will be cranked to 11 after your first sip.

Why You Should Drink It: BNL is a stiff drink, clocking in at a rocking 11 per cent alcohol content. Drinking this will probably inspire you to get bare naked, too. But please don’t. Please, please don’t. Nobody needs to see that. Ever.

Goes Great With: Bresaola and Goat Cheese Rolls

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7. Mill Street Autumn Harvest Sampler

7. Mill Street Autumn Harvest Sampler

With Toronto-based Mill Street Brewery’s Autumn Sampler, beer drinkers are given everything they need for a festive kickoff. Offering both a traditional Oktoberfest Beer and Halloween themed Nightmare on Mill Street Pumpkin Ale, the choice is yours.

The Oktoberfest Beer, a golden-coloured Barvarian lager, aged slowly for a strong, but satisfying malty taste, is perfect for just about any occasion.

Nightmare on Mill Street is a different beast altogether. Brewed deep in the pits of hell, this ale will stir up your senses to a feverish pitch. Combining a zesty mix of pumpkins, vanilla and spice, Nightmare demands only the bravest souls to sample its demonic deliciousness.

Why You Should Drink Them: Mill Street’s Oktoberfest Beer will make you twice as likely to win an arm wrestle, while Nightmare on Mill Street is just plain delicious, and may haunt your dreams for four to six weeks.

Goes Great With: Italian Sausage and Rapini Soup