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5 Ways to Keep Your Outdoor Dinner Party Pest-Free

Mosquitoes, flies and wasps are the ultimate party crashers. These uninvited pests can make your guests uncomfortable, ruining an otherwise perfect outdoor dinner party. What’s the way to keep the bugs away? Try these five handy tools so you can enjoy your BBQ without uninvited guests.

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What’s for dinner? Get prepared and keep unwanted pests away from your outdoor dinner party.

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Bug Lantern

Bug lanterns attract bugs into the light and zap them dead. Place a bug lantern away from your dinner table, and sit back. These lights used to be unsightly but today, a variety of attractive designs can be found at your local hardware store. One small drawback: zappers are said to attract bugs that aren’t pests, like bees and beetles, too.

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In general, smoke repels mosquitoes and flies. Tiki torches can come in handy at your next BBQ. Geraniol and citronella candles add ambiance, and are favourites for outdoor entertaining. They’re affordable, effective and have a pleasant scent.

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A simple wire-mesh colander can be used to keep bugs off dinner. If you are setting up a buffet-style meal, an upside-down colander over a plate of food protects it, while keeping the dish on display. This is a cheap and easy option for keeping your food safe during bug season.

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Mosquito Net

Keep bugs at bay while creating ambiance with a mosquito net. A net creates a separate room outside, lending your next outdoor dinner party a sense of privacy and intimacy. The KARLSÖ from IKEA ($30) is a stand-alone model, which is also machine-washable.


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Yes, a simple lawnmower can go a long way in keeping bugs away while you are entertaining in your backyard. Bugs are attracted to tall grass and weeds, so keep your lawn trim-and dry. Anywhere water is standing is bound to attract mosquitoes.