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8 Oatmeal Recipes You Need to Try

Take your morning meals to another level with these oatmeal recipes from Quaker® Oats. These dishes are healthy, easy-to-make and oh-so-delicious!

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Banana oatmeal with fruit toppings is one of the best oatmeal recipesPhoto: Quaker® Oats

Banana Bread Overnight Oats

All the delicious, warm spices of banana bread are added to easy-to-prepare overnight oats. Bananas are stirred in for scrumptious flavour in a jiffy!

Get the recipe here!

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No-Baked Granola and Yogurt TartsPhoto: Quaker® Oats

No-Bake Granola and Yogurt Tarts

These tarts are a clever way to enjoy granola and yogurt as part of a complete breakfast. Keep the tart shells ready to go in the freezer for quick and easy assembly!

Get the recipe for No-Bake Granola and Yogurt Tarts.

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Oatmeal Smoothie SwirlPhoto: Quaker® Oats

Oatmeal Smoothie Swirl

The heartiness of oatmeal meets the coolness of a smoothie in this breakfast mash-up. Have fun with the garnishes and look for tasty in-season fruits.

Get the recipe here!

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Oatmeal Toaster WafflesPhoto: Quaker® Oats

Oatmeal Toaster Waffles

These waffles can be made ahead of time and frozen to save valuable minutes during busy mornings. You can pop them into the toaster as part of a healthy breakfast!

Get the recipe for Oatmeal Toaster Waffles.

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Pumpkin Pie OatmealPhoto: Quaker® Oats

Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal

Warm flavours of a holiday dessert favourite come together in this creamy breakfast oatmeal.

Try Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal now!

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Yogurt and oatmeal popsPhoto: Quaker® Oats

Yogurt and Oat Pops

Combine yogurt pops and oats to make a healthy and energy-boosting treat.

Get the recipe here.

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avocado-toast-savoury-oat-crumblePhoto: Quaker® Oats

Avocado Toast with Savoury Oat Crumble

Avocado toast makes a nutritious, tasty breakfast, especially with the delicious added texture of an oat crumble to complete the dish.

Get the recipe here.

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Savoury herbed oatmealPhoto: Quaker® Oats

Savoury Herb Oatmeal

Start your morning right with this savoury oatmeal! Accented with herbs and topped with a hard-boiled egg, it’ll surely be a hit with the whole family.

Get the recipe for Savoury Herb Oatmeal.