This Is the Secret Ingredient to Extra Fluffy Scrambled Eggs (It’s Not Milk!)

It's probably already in your fridge.

Scrambled eggs seem like such a basic breakfast recipe, but it’s surprisingly easy to get them wrong. Leave them in too long or use the wrong heat, and suddenly the restaurant-quality dish you had in mind has turned into a disappointing pile of dry, rubbery eggs.

Scrambling eggs without any extra liquid can turn out fine if you do it right. Preheat your pan on medium, whisk your eggs before adding them, and then stir frequently once they’re in the pan. But adding a little something extra can give your eggs an ultra-silky texture—along with these tricks for making the perfect eggs.

You’ve probably grown up adding milk to your scrambled eggs before cooking. To be fair, whole milk can add creaminess and nice colour to your breakfast, but a different ingredient can do an even better job of stepping up your breakfast game. (Try these brain boosting breakfast recipes.)

Apparently, whisking in a dollop of sour cream for every two eggs in the bowl will give the absolute best texture. “Many people add milk or half and half to their eggs before they put them in the pan,” writes Joanna Saltz for Delish. “But sour cream offers that same creaminess, but with a little more body.”

If that doesn’t convince you to try, maybe the backing of Michelin-recognized chef Justin Ferguson will. Adding sour cream instead of milk into eggs “makes them creamy and richer without diluting the eggs’ bright, yellow colour,” he tells Refinery29.

For the best results, full-fat sour cream will give a richer texture than low- or non-fat versions, according to The Kitchn. Even if using milk to whip up scrambled eggs won’t ruin your breakfast, make sure you never make these cooking mistakes that ruin your food!

Now that you’ve mastered scrambled eggs, learn how to make perfect hard-boiled and soft-boiled eggs every time.

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