Fresh & Tasty: Sustainable Fish

Sustainable and environmentally friendly fish is good for the planet, and it’s also good for you. Here are a var­iety of recipes to help the cause.

Fresh & Tasty: Sustainable Fish

Black Cod With Miso Glaze

Black cod (also called sablefish) has become very popular because of its silky texture and gentle, succulent flavour. Miso is soybean paste, and light miso has the mildest flavour. Organic miso is available at health food stores, Asian markets and most supermarkets.

/Mussels With Tomatoes, White Wine and Garlic

Mussels are simple to cook at home, and so delicious that they shouldn’t be saved for restaurant dining. Plus, they’re inexpensive and everyone loves them.
Serve with a salad and lots of crusty bread for a perfect, casual summer meal.

/Mackerel Glazed With Teriyaki Sauce

Not many people are familiar with mackerel. But pairing it with homemade teriyaki sauce makes it especially approachable. For a milder fish, tilapia is a good substitution in this dish. It is farm raised in ponds and considered environmentally friendly. If you do not want to make your own teriyaki sauce, try using a commercial teriyaki glaze.

/Bonnie Stern has been teaching people to have fun in the kitchen, to eat more healthfully and to nourish their families since she started her cooking school in 1973.

Photos by Benoît Levac

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