This Is the Only Way You Should Be Reheating Leftover Pizza

If you're using the microwave, you're doing it wrong.

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How to reheat leftover pizza

Eating cold, leftover pizza is an unappreciated pastime. If you prefer your slice heated like most people, however, you’re probably doing it the wrong way—especially if you use a microwave. Using this quick and convenient method only leads to soggy pizza, not one that tastes out-of-the-oven fresh. In fact, the best way to reheat pizza isn’t in the oven, either.

The ideal pizza reheating method is actually on your stovetop, according to USA Today. This heat-up hack started trending on Reddit and has since become the go-to warming move for leftover pizza lovers. Taste of Home specifically recommends using a non-stick skillet. Just place your cold slice on the skillet and warm over medium heat for a couple of minutes. As a bonus, add a couple of water drops to the base of the pan—not directly onto the pizza—and cover with a lid for a few more minutes. The theory is that the water creates steam to melt the cheese without sacrificing the crispy pizza bottom. (Here are 12 other foods you should never put in the microwave.)

If the latter sounds like too much work, it might be better to consider eating a cold pizza instead. They can be just as tasty as the real thing with a few alterations. Taste of Home recommends adding fun toppings like BBQ sauce, chicken, and bacon, among others, to upgrade your pie.

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