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4 Creative Ways to Keep Your Wine Cool This Summer

What’s a chic summer soiree without a crisp, refreshing sauvignon blanc? Here are five creative ways to keep your white wines perfectly (and prettily!) chilled when dining al fresco.

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Keep wine cool with wine ice cubesPhoto: Milk Communications

1. Trade the ice cubes for “wine cubes.”

Even at something as informal as a backyard barbeque, adding ice cubes to wine is a big no-no. The reason has more to do with science than snobbery: As the ice melts, the water dilutes the wine, throwing its flavour profile seriously off-kilter. The easiest way around this dilemma is to fill your ice cube tray not with water, but with the wine you’re serving. That way, when the cubes melt, they’re simply adding more wine to the glass!

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Use frozen fruit to keep wine coolPhoto: Milk Communications

2. Add a handful of frozen fruit

As an alternative to “wine cubes,” how about adding a handful of frozen fruit to your favourite white wine? Serving double-duty as both chiller and garnish, you can take your pick of in-season produce. (We love Canadian wild blueberries, which are widely available in grocery store freezer sections.)

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Ice pops keep wine coolPhoto: Milk Communications

3. Beat the heat with a frozen treat.

Although it takes a while, wine does indeed freeze—a fact many of us have (regretfully) discovered after popping a room temperature bottle in the freezer for what was meant to be a “quick chill…” With a bit of planning, this fact can work in your favour: Simply add a splash of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc to fruit juice when making your own frozen ice pops for a grown-up take on a summer favourite. Alternatively, add a shot or two to blended frozen fruit as a refreshing wine slushie.

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Keep your wine cold as a pina coladaPhoto: Milk Communications

4. If you like pina coladas…

…You’ll love this citrusy sauvignon blanc cocktail. Simply mix one part Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, two parts pineapple juice and one scoop coconut ice cream for a crowd-pleasing twist on the classic tropical tipple.

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